Lost WhatsApp Contacts No Need To Panic, Check Out Easy Tricks to Overcome!


WhatsApp contacts disappeared suddenly? This of course can create panic, especially if the missing contact is an important person or family you will be contacting.

But you don’t need to panic. The reason is, there are several ways to be able to restore the lost WA contacts.

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How to Overcome WhatsApp Contacts Lost Suddenly

As we know, WhatsApp is one of the most widely used instant messaging applications today.

This is because WA has a variety of features that are quite easy to use when compared to other instant messaging applications.

However, one of the applications that has been developed by Meta sometimes encounters a number of problems.

One of them is a contact that disappears suddenly. This of course can make it difficult for users to contact certain contacts that have been stored in the application.

For information, WhatsApp contacts that suddenly disappear can occur when a user moves an account on a new cellphone.

In addition, missing contacts can also occur due to the WhatsApp application restarting. Here’s how to restore suddenly lost WhatsApp contacts, including:

Clear Cache on WA

The first step you can take to be able to restore WA contacts that suddenly disappeared is to clear the cache on the application. You do this by going to the settings menu and selecting Application.

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Next select WhatsApp. If the Apps Info display appears, then please select the Force Stop menu and select the Clear Cache menu.

Next try restarting your phone. Please return to the WhatsApp application, see if the contact is visible or not.

Show Entire Contacts Via WA Settings

Another step you can take to restore WhatsApp contacts that suddenly disappeared is to display all contacts through WA settings.

Maybe the cause of the lost contacts is because the WA contact settings are not yet active. Therefore, activate this setting via the Settings menu. Then select a contact and check the list of Display All Contact options.

Use WA Chat History

This is a fairly easy way that you can do. You just need to look for an anonymous number in your chat list.

Can also use keywords in the search field. If you have found the contact you are looking for, you can save the contact again.

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When your WA contacts disappear, maybe the permission menu on the phone is not active. Thus, the contacts on the phone and the WA application are not connected and make contacts not appear when you accidentally restart the phone. To overcome this, then activate the Permissions menu on your cellphone.

You can do this by entering the Settings menu, then selecting Application. Then the WhatsApp menu then select Permissions.

The next step is to activate the Permissions menu on the WA application so the system can read your contacts. This can reduce the possibility of WhatsApp contacts suddenly disappearing.


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