Lightweight Linux Games For PC Comes With Free Access — Light Linux games are an anti-mainstream option that we can try.

If we compare it with the Windows system, of course more people know and use it.

Therefore, we will discuss some recommendations for types of games that are famous only among fans.

There are also free types of games.

So you don’t have to worry to try and play it.

Linux itself is an operating system developed by Linus Torvalds since 1991 until now.

It’s only natural that some of his games have succeeded in becoming a fan’s choice.

If you are interested in trying it, consider the following recommendations.

A Line of Lightweight Linux Games For PC Free

The recommendations that we will provide below are suitable for those of you who are curious about Linux.

Therefore, just take a look at the following reviews.


The first game we’d recommend you try is here with free access.

In addition, we as players can try to make vehicles in robot battles.

Play by figuring out how to levitate, walk and fly.

Therefore, this game is included in the category of action that is fun for us to try.

Uniquely, when playing in this one game, we can feel at war with various world servers.

Using the skills of designing and building vehicles that we are equipped with a variety of advanced weaponry.

Moreover, we can choose to use various vehicles according to the battlefield.

Starting from warships, helicopters, drones, even jet cars.


This next lightweight Linux game is a 2D Moba game that also comes with free access.

There are two teams of three space armies.

Their mission to play in this game of course destroy each other’s headquarters.

Although it comes with Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, we can also access it when offline.

Therefore, there are many weapons that we can use to support each character.

Don’t limit your creativity to design various hero costumes that will be in this game.

We can play together with opponents who are not as much as other games.

Usually only three against three, in contrast to some Moba games.

Team Fortress 2

This lightweight Linux game is here to play in the fun category because the missions are shooters.

In addition, this game has managed to get attention since its early release a few years ago.

The character that we will play has many weapons to use.

Not only that, we can enjoy various modes and adjust to what we want when playing.

Because this light Linux game uses a dangerous setting and mission, it is recommended to play it for ages 16 and over only.

For those of you who are not in this age category, it is better not to try it.


This lightweight Linux game is also suitable for you to try if you like interesting categories.

Unlike some of the games we discussed earlier, this game tends to be simple but still entertaining.

We will experience the game with a place setting in 31 different choices.

Uniquely, this game managed to attract players because it is available for free and we can even access it offline.

This game comes with turn based side scrolling.

Not too difficult, but still fun for us to try.

No More Room In Hell

We will discuss this lightweight Linux game to be the best reference for those of you who like challenges and fun.

Because the mission of this game is to shoot together with zombies.

Even included in the category of horror that can help us hone shooting skills.

This game will be full of challenging action and not easy to win.

You can download light Linux games and try the fun for yourself.

So, don’t miss one of them for us to try. Playing games not only relieves stress, but can also kill your free time.

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