Life Insurance Investment Returns Significantly Increase March 2022


Life insurance investment returns penetrate to high numbers. The return on investment growth is 44.7%.

The positive trend of investment resulting in continued action into the year.

Investment activity in Indonesia itself has experienced a pretty good increase. This can also be seen from the investment returns which showed significant results in March 2022 in general year-on-tear.

Data from the Financial Services Authority (OJK) shows that the investment returns reached up to Rp 10.22 trillion. This figure shot up 271.63% from last year’s Rp 2.75 trillion.

This realization shows better results than the previous month’s achievement. The results of life insurance investments only showed a figure of Rp. 3.07 trillion, it actually decreased in February 2022 yesterday.

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Total Life Insurance Investment Funds

In March 2022 this investment showed better growth. Life insurance recorded a positive movement in terms of investment.

This investment fund has a total fund of Rp 530.71 trillion at the end of 2021. The increase is even more pronounced in 2022, to Rp 26.1 trillion.

This increase in investment returns was influenced by the growth in the Composite Stock Price Index of around 10.1%.

The results of this investment performance are affected by insurance premium income which is placed on investment products.

The existing investment returns support the growth of total life insurance income. Until now, investment returns, which initially fell, have actually increased to a significant number in 2022.

The placement of this investment management fund for the country’s development also contributes.

Around 20.3% of these funds are in instruments that support the country’s development. For example, sukuk, bonds, and government securities.

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Limited Products

Life insurance investment is getting better and better.

This is due to limited product factors. Actually the percentage has not reached the 30% figure from the government.

As a result, the products provided are limited by the industry. Instrument placement in SBN grew 6.9% and continued to grow as the year progressed.

Investment management funds have an important role in maintaining capital market stability. Fund placements usually increase from 2.3% to Rp 316.56 trillion.

Meanwhile, other products were rejected and life insurance experienced growth in the nation’s economy. On the other hand, there are reports on the performance of insurance companies that provide specific growth.

The investment growth projection for 2022 is able to provide better performance. The optimistic growth of 2022 insurance investment will follow the same pattern.

Even better than previous years. Especially now that the development of the pandemic has begun to subside.

Resulting in speculation if the investment is better than 2021.

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Insurance Products

Data showing a positive trend at this time cannot be separated from the insurance premium income in the investment product itself.

One of these investment products is unit link related to PAYDI.

The increase in life insurance investment returns is 8.2% for this year. Indicates if the condition has improved from the previous year.


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