Lenovo IdeaPad T14 Gen 3 Comes with Two Models, Check the Specifications!


The Lenovo IdeaPad T14 Gen 3 is a more mainstream enterprise business laptop and it’s the best ThinkPad series in general. The company mentions that being the workhorse of the ThinkPad family, the laptop will hit all the basics.

Reportedly this laptop comes with many major improvements, especially for performance and for other productivity.

This latest model also carries a choice of Intel or AMD processors with higher screens and is suitable for business users.

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Lenovo IdeaPad T14 Gen 3 Officially Released with an Update

In fact, Lenovo has announced this laptop update at MWC 2022 since the end of February 2022. However, users have to wait a few weeks to get the laptop.

Reportedly the Intel variant that actually came first and is planned to slide in April this year.

Meanwhile, if you want the AMD variant, then you have to wait longer. Because, will slide in June.

Because the launch is still two months away, the company seems to have revealed the initial price first. Reportedly, the Intel variant is much more expensive, in contrast to the AMD variant which is even more affordable when it slides later.

However, this is just a basic configuration that will have a lower-end processor, RAM capacity, and other specifications.

So the high-end configuration will also increase the price significantly depending on the wishes of the users.

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Screen Display

A big change from the first Lenovo IdeaPad T14 Gen 3 laptop is in terms of appearance, including on the screen.

How not, because the company has improved this panel with an aspect ratio of up to 16:10 higher.

The existence of this tall screen means that there will be more surface area as well as vertical space that allows users to see a lot of text.

This will certainly become more and more common on premium devices and it will be nice to see it coming to the mainstream Lenovo lineup.

Furthermore, for the configuration in terms of appearance itself, all variants are also almost the same, which is both taller. There will be various configurations in the form of Full HD + up to 1920 x 1200 pixels including touch support (Privacy Guard).

Not only that, the laptop also comes with a high-end Ultra HD + 3820 x 2400 pixel panel, complete with HDR support as well.

It looks like this 2.2K panel and 300 nits brightness can give you a little extra sharpness.

There is an optional Full HD Webcam

Finally, the company also gives its customers the option of getting a Full HD webcam on the Lenovo IdeaPad T14 Gen 3.

While the previous model only carried a 720p camera and that was still the basic configuration.

So you can increase it to Full HD 1080p and if you want it to look sharper and clearer then this can be the choice.

In addition, the 1080p webcam also brings more advantages, including an IR camera as Windows Hello support.

This was also available last year using a 720p webcam, but now it’s even more different. Because, if you want Windows Hello, then you have to be able to get a 1080p camera first.

This is one of the most convenient ways to get into your laptop. So don’t be surprised if the company highly recommends the upgrade.

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Specifications and Performance

This Lenovo IdeaPad T14 Gen 3 laptop comes with a 12th generation Intel Core and AMD Ryzen 600 series processor.

Both of these are improvements over the previous model, although Intel has made some slightly more radical changes.

Of course, this 12th generation Intel processor also brings a hybrid architecture that will combine performance cores and efficient cores. So that it is able to produce a higher number of cores than its predecessor generation.

Intel has also introduced the P-Series processor which has a TDP of 28W which is much higher than the 15W of the U series. So this will be able to produce much better overall performance.

If you are going to buy the Intel variant, it will have some improved discrete graphics. You’ll also have the choice of a GeForce RTX 2050 or an NVIDIA GeForce MX550.

As for AMD’s Ryzen 6000 model, it seems that it will maintain a more traditional architecture to all cores as performance cores. However, the laptop will also have some improvements under the hood to maintain the same performance as the Intel variant.

The Lenovo IdeaPad T14 Gen 3 for AMD models of course also has many advantages, one of which is greater in terms of latency.


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