Latest Generation Ford Mustang Releases Soon, Still Maintains V8 Engine


The latest generation Ford Mustang will reportedly be released soon. If there are no obstacles, it is likely that this car will debut in 2023.

Reportedly, the latest generation of this car will still use a V8 engine. Ford Mustang itself is a sports car that is quite famous.

So, what’s different about this latest generation?

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Leaked Latest Generation Ford Mustang

If we talk about pony cars and muscle cars, it’s certainly not complete without discussing the Ford Mustang.

Until now, the Mustang became one of the most existing cars. Their production is uninterrupted and always brings the latest technology.

The latest news says that the Ford Mustang will soon launch their latest generation. With its launch, the car will be the seventh generation of the Mustang sports series.

The Mustang sports car launched for the first time 59 years ago, in 1964 to be exact.

Launching from the Autoblog page, the Ford Mustang sports car last updated its generation at the end of 2013 through the Mustang S550.

After 10 years, the Ford Mustang is back with their latest generation. Pictures of this latest car have been seen quite a lot on the internet.

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Will Bring Digital Elements

If you look at the design, this car carries an evolutionary rather than revolutionary style. From the interior cabin side, this latest Mustang will reportedly give it a new look.

There will be updates in the comfort sector, even including the safety features of this sports car. The instrument cluster will also come with a digital display that will flow in harmony towards the infotainment system and dashboard displays.

Ford reportedly will equip this latest Mustang car with new switchgear and also materials with a more classy quality.

Still Retaining V8 Engine

Despite having significant changes in terms of design and technology, it turns out that this latest generation Ford Mustang will still carry the V8 engine as the heart of the race.

However, the interesting thing is the rumor that this latest Mustang will bring hybrid technology.

This technology serves to make this American sports car into an environmentally friendly vehicle. Even so, the Ford still has not issued a response to these rumors.

Although retaining the V8 engine, Ford also offers the option of a 4-cylinder EcoBoost engine with 2.3 liter Turbocharged.

Then the engine is claimed to be capable of producing a maximum power of 320 hp. That’s much bigger than the current Mustang engine which has 310 hp on paper.

In addition to the V8 engine, this latest generation Mustang is also reportedly still going to retain the right steering wheel.

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It is none other than aimed at meeting the needs of the Australian market. Will it also enter Indonesia?

If there are no significant obstacles, this latest generation Ford Mustang sports car has a launch schedule on April 17, 2023. Until now there is also no information about the price of the car.


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