Laggard Shares in Semester I 2022 Listed on IDX

Laggard stocks in the first semester of 2022 are quite a lot. The Indonesia Stock Exchange has also listed several stocks that occupy the laggard.

So will it continue to weaken in the next semester? In terms of prospects, technology-based stocks are under pressure with rising interest rates.

The Fed’s forecast in July 2022 will raise interest rates quite aggressively. The potential will continue to hamper in the near future.

Meanwhile, for telecommunications and raw goods, the prospects are still good.

It’s just that the current conditions have not shown a priority because the prices of basic needs have continued to increase over a long period of time. However, Laggard shares in this semester can continue to be observed by market participants.

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Some Laggard Stocks in Semester I 2022

Desy Israhyanti, Equity Research Analyst at Pilarmas Investindo Sekuritas made a prospective observation on several stocks. Including those based on technology, communication, and food.

But there are some stocks that laggard in the first half of trading. There are approximately 3.

Desy himself also gave an explanation of all the shares. Some of the stocks that are still being monitored include:

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One of the laggard stocks in the first semester of 2022 is TLKM. This stock is a market leader in the industrial sector. So the range will be much wider.

The industry outlook also looks better going forward. Moreover, with a strategy that is quite innovative and financially supported by consolidation. Make subsidiaries more prospective.

There is a new subsidiary listed and can distribute dividends at this time. The subsidiary of TLKM is said to be going to IPO the movement in the data center.


As for Laggard shares in the next semester I 2022, namely ARTO.

ARTO has a strong business ecosystem. This first digital bank can also make a profit.

Management with a proven track record has launched a sharia business line. The potential for this line of business is quite large in Indonesia.

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ANTM itself is also valuable as a stock with the potential to hold the largest portion of nickel supply. Currently, the demand for electric batteries has made ANTM’s stock grow again.

ANTM with Indonesia Battery Corporation formed a joint venture with a foreign company. The two will work together to form a smelter as part of the government’s downstream program.

From the ongoing analysis, Laggard stock still has the potential to experience selling pressure. This happened in line with the projections on the JCI.

In addition, market participants can use strategies buy on weakness during July-August.

From the banking sector, there is a recovery phase which usually rises first from other sectors. As for several Laggard stocks in the first semester of 2022, among others EMTK, ARTO, TLKM, BBYB, INTP, and ANTM. (R10/HR-Online)

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