Korean Drama About Unusual Restaurant Business


Korean dramas about the restaurant business do have an unusual theme. If Korean dramas are usually synonymous with romance dramas, the theme of restaurant life can be a unique story.

Moreover, Korean dramas are synonymous with good-looking actors and actresses. Besides, of course, the storyline is always interesting and makes the audience curious.

Recommended Korean Dramas About Restaurant Business

The following dramas about the restaurant business that you can watch are:

Sweet Munchies

The Korean drama about the restaurant business, entitled Sweet Munchies, has a romantic comedy genre. However, because the setting is in a restaurant, there are several scenes involving Korean-style cuisine.

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The player in this Korean drama is Jung Il Woo who plays Park Jin-Sung. The profession of Park Jin Sung is a chef who is also the owner of the restaurant.

Park Jin Sung’s restaurant is quite unique. Because customers can choose their own food and drink menu in addition to the menu that is already available.

When customers are confused about choosing a menu, Park Jin Sung will choose a suitable food or drink menu.

Eccentric Chef Moon

The drama Eccentric Chef Moon is also a Korean drama about the restaurant business. Korean actor Eric Shinhwa is the main character in this drama.

Shinhwa’s Eric plays the character Moon Seung who is the owner of a family restaurant. This family-owned restaurant has been around for 80 years.

Many people visit the restaurant just to eat the meat, which is the mainstay of the menu. Apart from that, the restaurant also serves meat soup which makes its customers drool.

Oh My Ghostess

This Korean drama about the culinary business, entitled Oh My Ghostess, has a comedy and romantic genre. Although it has a romantic genre, the setting is in the restaurant kitchen.

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The players in the drama Oh My Ghostess are Park Bo-young and Jo-Jung Suk. The audience will be taken to a very busy kitchen, because it serves various orders from restaurant customers.

This Korean drama tells the story of a kitchen assistant who always has problems with his boss. He often behaves awkwardly, so that none of his work is done. Until one day he was possessed by the ghost of a virgin.

Work of Love

The next Korean drama about the restaurant business is Work of Love, which tells the story of a chef who has won awards at the Michelin event twice.

The chef’s name is Seo-Poong, played by 2PM’s Junho. Seo-Poong is also the owner of a Chinese food restaurant.

Not just a restaurant business, but in this Korean drama about the restaurant business there is also a love story that makes you baper.

Jewel In The Palace

The next Korean drama about the restaurant business is different from the previous ones. In this Korean drama, it has a historical theme. However, it also raises some stories about traditional Korean food.

When you have watched the drama Jewel In The Palace, you must have understood what types of food are Korean specialties. Like Japchae, Bibimbap, naengmyeon and honey.

Jewel In The Palace tells of the life of Seo Jang Geum (Lee Young Ae) a chef who is involved in intrigue in the royal palace.

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This Korean drama was very popular at that time, with 54 episodes. Even though it was released in 2003, many fans watched the excitement of Jewel In The Palace.

Through this drama, the name Lee Young Ae also became very popular because the character she played was so attached to the hearts of the audience.

Let’s Eat

The last Korean drama about the restaurant business is Let’s Eat which has three series which all tell about culinary.

In addition, the drama also tells more about a food blogger by the name of Goo Dae-Young (Yoon Doo Jong). There are also some Korean foods that appear in the drama series.

Well, those are some recommendations for Korean dramas about the restaurant business that you can watch in your spare time. The theme of the restaurant business makes the audience drool with various foods that are part of the story in Korean dramas. (R7 / HR-Online / Editor-Ndu)


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