Korean Drama about Badminton Apart from Love All Play which had gone viral


Korean dramas about badminton can be an exciting spectacle recommendation for drakor fans. Moreover, the appearance of the drama Love All Play, which was released in April 2022, attracted the attention of viewers.

Love All Play itself tells the story of the struggle of two badminton athletes from South Korea named Park Tae-yang (Park Ju-hyun) and Park Tae-joon (Chae Jong-hyeop). Both are mixed doubles athletes.

The two then fall in love, but of course it is not easy for them to unite their hearts. There are many challenges they face.

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Besides Love All Play, there are other Korean drama titles that take the background of the badminton story. This Korean drama was viral and sparked controversy in Indonesia.

Racket Boys, Korean Drama about Badminton that Reaps Controversy in Indonesia

One of the Korean dramas that has sparked controversy in Indonesia as well as a story about badminton is Racket Boys.

First released on May 31, 2022, this Korean drama features Kim Sang-kyung, Tang Jun-sang, Son Sang-yeon, Choi Hyun-wook, Kim Kang-hoon and Oh Na-ra as the players.

Racket Boys tells the story of badminton players at Haenam School. The young athletes from the school entered a competition. Their coach is Yoon Hyung-joon, one of the best badminton players in South Korea.

Unfortunately, the team is in danger of disbanding because the athletes consisting of Yoon Hae-kang, Bang Yoon-dam, Na Woo-chan and Lee Young-tae have not been trained properly.

Had Viral

The drama Racket Boys at that time had gone viral because several scenes and the storyline had cornered Indonesian badminton.

Instagram is also viral on social media, because there is an upload of a very detailed story that demeans Indonesian badminton. One of the scenes in the Korean drama about badminton is where players from Indonesia compete.

In addition, there is also a dialogue which states that Indonesia is the host by not providing the best facilities. Worse yet, in the dialogue, he also said because he did not give a fair attitude to some of the guest players.

Interestingly, the plot also explains that Indonesia will do everything possible to beat Korean players.

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It’s not just the storyline that’s in the spotlight. However, for the value or score of sports in Korean dramas about badminton, this is also far behind. So that makes Korean players can win the badminton match.

With some of the scenes in the Racket Boys drama, it is very embarrassing for Indonesia. Even though Indonesia is also one of the countries that is recognized for its achievements in the world of badminton.

Of course, for the fans or supporters in the Racket Boys drama, this seems negative. Moreover, fans or supporters of badminton from Indonesia are described as having no manners.

Although this Korean drama about badminton is only a fictional story. However, there are many who regret some of the stories in the Racket Boys drama. There are some Korean drama lovers who also really love badminton.

There are pictures of Indonesian badminton players

However, there is a scene that makes viewers from Indonesia enthusiastic when watching this Korean drama series. More interestingly, in the picture of the Korean drama Racket Boys, there is also a picture of a player from Indonesia.

For one such player it is Marcus or Kevin. In the Korean drama about badminton Racket Boys, it also shows one player from Indonesia.

With this inappropriate story, the audience of the Racket Boys drama felt disappointed. In addition, there is an upload shown by one of the drama’s roles.

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In the upload made by one of the drama actors, he also provided a defense. He said that there was no intention or intentional factor to vilify badminton in Indonesia.

However, this request did not make netizens immediately accept it.

There are still many netizens who feel unaccepted and think the drama is too cornering for Indonesia.

The upload was also flooded with comments from several Indonesian citizens who basically said they were very disappointed with the Korean drama.

Although there are scenes that are less comfortable for Indonesia, the number of viewers for Korean dramas is still high.

Well, that’s an explanation of the Korean drama about badminton other than Love All Play which was viral and even sparked controversy in Indonesia. (R7 / HR-Online / Editor-Ndu)


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