Kiko Run Game New Version 3.0.0, Here’s How to Play It!


Game Kiko Run New version 3.0.0 is now here and you can play it right now to accompany your free time or when you are bored. So Kiko Run is an endless run game as a result of the adaptation of the MNC Animation animated series.

The series usually airs every Sunday on the RCTI channel at 09:00, entitled Kiko. Well, now that there is a new game, you can play it with fun.

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Kiko Run Game New Version 3.0.0 is here and you can play it

Are you bored? Don’t worry anymore! Because now there is one of the most accurate ways you can do, namely playing games.

Besides that, you can also play games from home, either alone or with friends or family or other people.

Playing a game is basically able to relieve fatigue in the head easily and precisely. Especially after a day of work or study which sometimes often makes our heads dizzy.

Therefore, to get rid of it, one of the easiest ways is to play a game.

Currently, there is a popular game that you can play, Kiko Run. So how do you get it?

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Ways to Get Games

To be able to get the Kiko Run New version 3.0.0 game, then there are several important steps for you to know. So to be able to get it, you can download the game application on the Play Store or App Store services.

Meanwhile, for those who already have the game, you can immediately update it on your device. Even in the Games+ feature, you can not only play the Kiko Run game, but there are many more.

You can watch various movies, soap operas, and other interesting entertainment features only on the Vision+ application. So not only can you play the Kiko Run game, but you can also enjoy other entertainment with fun.

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How to play

Game Kiko Run New version 3.0.0 is a game produced by PT Esport Stae Indonesia. This is an endless run game adapted from the NC Animation series on RCTI.

In this game there is a race mode which is a new feature that has been present in this version of the game. This feature is useful to make it easier for players to compete.

To be able to use this mode feature, players can directly log in to their Kiko Run account. If you have then select the flag image in the upper right corner.

As for the play button that is still locked, you can open it by completing chapters 1 to 6 first. If you have succeeded, now is the time for you to easily enjoy the features in the Kiko Run New version 3.0.0 game. (R10/HR-Online)


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