Jessi’s Profile Singer of Zoom’s Viral Song on TikTok


The profile of Jessi, singer of the Zoom song, which is on the rise and has become viral news on Tiktok social media. The song called Zoom is good for dancing.

Jessi’s song is viral because she herself has a unique dance and even made a challenge that was followed by many tiktokers.

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The lyrics of “I See You Looking At My Pic” resonate even as the opening of Jessi’s challenge on Tiktok.

Want to know the profile of Jessi, the singer of the Zoom song, which has gone viral on Tiktok? Check out the following reviews:

This is the Profile of Jessi Singer of the Zoom song

Has the name Ho Hyeon Ju, but he has the stage name Jessi or Jessica Ho. Born December 19, 1988 in New York, United States, he is currently 33 years old.

He grew up in New Jersey, California, United States. Then Jessi moved to South Korea when she was 15 years old.

Jessi is not a new name in the music industry in South Korea because she started her career in 2005.

The profile of Jessi, who is now famous as a Zoom singer, actually sings an anti-mainstream song. Jessi does not bring K-Pop songs in general like booming songs, but she takes the genre of K-Rap or Korean Rap music.

The most popular song even today is Nununana which tells about the haters who hate Jessi. But the Rapper believes it will not destroy him.

Meanwhile, the Zoom song, which is currently viral, tells the story of people who cannot be separated from what is called a smartphone.

Facts about Jessi or Jessica Ho

One of the surprising facts about Jessi’s profile, the singer of the Zoom song, is that she is not fluent in speaking Korean.

Even though Jessi has had a long career in South Korea, she even has Ginseng blood. He often uses sign language to express expressions.

But this is indeed natural, because Jessi from birth to the age of 15 has been in the United States. So he is more fluent in using English.

Long before being famous as a Korean artist from P Nation as it is today, Jessi turned out to have been a trainee at SM Entertainment.

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However, he realized that the color and style of his music did not suit SM Entertainment and decided not to continue the opportunity.

But who would have thought that Jessi’s profile is currently more famous as the singer of the Zoom song which is really viral on Tiktok.

Almost Debut with Girlband SNSD

Another fact from Jessi’s unexpected profile, she almost made her debut with the vocal group SNSD, which is famous for the song Glee.

From here answered the closeness between Jessi and Tiffany SNSD. It turned out that the two were close because they were in the same school.

In addition, SNSD’s Jessi and Tiffany are both from America and almost joined in one girl group.

Jessi became a solo singer in 2005 and released the album “Get Up” when she was 17 years old.

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He appeared anti-mainstream with exotic skin color and piercing. Even though the trend of South Koreans is smooth white skin.

Because Jessi’s different style made Korean society less accepting of her, so she decided to take a 5-year hiatus.

Another fact related to Jessi’s profile, singer of Zoom song, is that she started to feel confident again in 2014. Jessi then re-debuted with rapper J’Kyun and vocalist J-Yo in a co-ed group called Lucky J.

The three of them also performed their debut song entitled “Can You Hear Me”.

Despite being on hiatus and initially not being accepted by the South Korean public, Jessi participated in the “Unpretty Rapstar” competition.

This makes him really stand out. The audience also very easily remembers Jessi’s profile. From there Jessi got the nickname as Nicky Minaj Korea.

Jessi was having a hard time and in fact she had slept in a sauna because she didn’t have enough money to rent an apartment.

That’s the profile of Jessi who is viral and famous as a Zoom singer. The song has even become a challenge on Tiktok. Have you joined this Korean-style rap dance yet? (R7 / HR-Online / Editor-Ndu)


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