It is important to be aware of the causes of dental caries, know the types!


The cause of dental caries can occur due to a number of factors. Dental caries is one of the oral and dental health problems that are often experienced by all ages, especially in children.

This is an abnormality in the hard tissue of the teeth or the so-called thinning of tooth enamel. This condition can occur due to the decomposition of minerals on the surface which is known as mineral demineralization.

This happens because the acid levels in the mouth are high due to a lot of fermentation by bacteria on the teeth. So that the acid will erode the surface of the tooth enamel.

In order to avoid dental caries or other problems, it is important for us to always maintain oral and dental health.

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What are the Causes of Dental Caries?

The following are a number of factors that can lead to dental caries, including:

Not brushing teeth properly

The habit of brushing teeth that is not good can be one of the causes of dental caries, especially in children.

The reason is, if someone does not brush their teeth properly, then the rest of the food and drinks they have consumed will stick to the teeth and form plaque which is the beginning of dental caries.

Consumption of too much sugar

In addition to poor brushing habits, the most common cause of dental caries is sugar consumption. As we know that dental plaque is a layer that coats the teeth due to the consumption of sugar that we do not clean properly.

Thus, the bacteria begin to eat the remaining sugar that is still attached to the teeth which the bacteria then process into acid.

The decrease in acidity on the tooth surface facilitates the formation of dental caries.

Furthermore, acid can also remove minerals in tooth enamel. This erosion can then lead to holes in the enamel.

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tooth location

It turns out that dental caries often occurs in the back teeth, such as the molars. Because the molars have many grooves, holes, crevices, and roots that can collect food debris.

As a result, the teeth will be more difficult to clean than the front teeth which are smoother and easier to reach. This results in the formation of tartar.

Microorganisms in the Mouth

Germs are one of the main causes of dental caries. Because these bacteria multiply and eat away at tooth enamel quickly.

Therefore, the time to clean your teeth is an important thing that you must pay attention to.

We recommend that you brush your teeth at least twice a day by making gentle movements. This is intended so that other dental health problems do not arise, for example, receding gums which can cause sensitive teeth.

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dry mouth

Dry mouth can occur due to lack of saliva. While this saliva can help prevent tooth decay, namely by cleaning food and plaque from teeth.

Substances present in saliva also help fight acids produced by bacteria.

There are many more causes of dental caries that you need to be aware of. Teeth that lack fluoride are also prone to dental caries. It is a natural mineral that can help prevent cavities and tooth decay.


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