iPhone Low Power Mode, Here’s How to Change and Enable It


The iPhone’s low power mode has become a necessity. Because the use of these modes helps you when the amount of battery power of your phone is low.

All things or tutorials about iPhone phones are really needed. Especially for those of you who use this Sultan class cell phone.

As we already know, the iPhone is a cell phone or smartphone whose price is not cheap.

However, not a few Indonesian people use these cellphones to fulfill their needs in their lives. Because, there are many advantages that iPhone phones have over Android.

These advantages are only owned or become the hallmark of the iPhone. So with that, we certainly can’t get these advantages on Android phones.

In addition, of course, not only from the advantages that can be found in the Sultan class cellphone. Because the performance is also more capable, including the features in it.

One of them is that users can use low power mode when the iPhone battery is limited.

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How to Enable iPhone Low Power Mode Easy

Are you an iPhone user? Have you figured out how to enable low power mode on the phone?

It turns out that there are still many people who are not aware of this. When the battery runs out or the limit, of course we will reduce the use of cellphones.

When in fact we really need its use to support daily activities. Just imagine if the battery runs out, but you have to follow or download documents through the cellphone.

Because the battery runs out, of course, we can’t do that, or rather, it’s hampered.

The error that often occurs is when the battery is already limited, the owner of the cellphone doesn’t know if the smartphone he has has a low power mode.

Even though this feature will be very helpful to save battery when the battery is limited. One of these advantages is found on the iPhone phone.

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Activation Tutorial

Although many people are confident using the iPhone. But their knowledge of how to change and activate the iPhone’s low power mode is not very fluent. In fact, it is very easy for you to do.

When the iPhone has reached 20% remaining battery charge, there will be a “low power mode” prompt. Your iPhone will automatically notify you of the features that you can choose from.

The point is, choose to keep it disabled or activate it in order to extend the battery life or power.

By activating the iPhone’s low power mode it helps you to save 1 to 3 hours of battery usage. Before the battery is completely discharged.

However, it also depends on how you use the phone. Actually, for how to change and activate the iPhone’s low power mode, we can do it at any time.

Confused about how to do the tutorial? Your first step is to go to settings first.

Then choose control center, adjust control. Only then do you select a low power mode to add it to the control center.

So that you can activate and change the low power mode anytime and anywhere with a very easy tutorial.

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Not only causes the use of iPhone phones to be longer. But there are also some features that take longer to update.

Not only that, later there will also be some tasks that don’t work. When low power is active the battery in the bar will later turn yellow.

Know, if you have charged the iPhone up to 80% or more. The low power mode will automatically turn off.

So for you iPhone users, don’t be afraid to run out of battery when it’s on a limit.

Because, you can still use the phone for a long time. In order to maximize your performance when using the phone.

It’s good, wherever you go bring a charger or power bank. If it is feared that there is no outlet for the charger, then you can choose a power bank.

However, the iPhone also provides a solution to this problem. There are features you can use.

Enable the iPhone’s low power mode feature as much as possible to help smooth your activities. Plus, using or activating the feature is not difficult, so you will find it easy to do.


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