Impact of Stock Split for Shareholders, Definition and Purpose

The impact of a stock split on shareholders is quite diverse. You as an investor must know what the impact could be. One of them can own a large number of shares of an issuer.

Stocks are one of the most popular investment instruments. Even now it is not only entrepreneurs who can invest in shares.

Those who are able to meet the criteria and requirements will easily carry out the investment. But in carrying out an investment of course many things can happen.

Even equipped with many terms. Like stock splits. There is an explanation of the definition to the impact of a stock split for shareholders. Here’s a full explanation.

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Definition and Impact of Stock Split for Shareholders

Actually, there are many terms in the world of stocks that investors should know. Like stock splits. This term has the meaning of a corporate action or corporate action from an issuer.

Action in the form of stock split in a predetermined ratio. The stock is broken down from being initially high priced to being cheaper.

This happens because the number of outstanding shares has an increasing number. Usually companies do this for issuers that have good fundamentals, but whose share price is too high.

After knowing the definition, you also need to know the impact on investors. The impact that investors can experience is the increase in shares in accordance with the ratio of the split value of the shares.

All shareholders will feel the impact of this condition. However, there is often an assumption that shares that experience a stock split can have a high price afterward. It is this expectation that makes investors hope for greater profits.

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Stock Split Purpose

As many people already know, stock investors want big profits. However, there are market conditions that can be faced.

So a company must take the right steps to overcome it. Like a stock split that often occurs in an issuer.

The impact of a stock split for shareholders does exist. But the purpose of doing this is actually twofold.

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The stock split is deliberately done by the company to make the shares more liquid. Because the price is cheaper, making stocks more attractive to investors.

Anyone can buy it, including housewives and students. Although there is a negative impact, there are also advantages of a stock split, namely the stock will be more liquid because of the larger transaction.


In addition to the negative impact, there is also a further goal, namely to make the price cheaper. Companies can take corporate actions, this is for the purpose of making stock prices cheap, especially for retail investors.

Because this condition is quite important as an investor you need to be clear about stock splits. Including the impact of the stock split for the shareholders themselves. (R10/HR-Online)

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