How to Voice Changer on Android, Can Change Your Voice to Be Cooler!


How to voice changer on Android is quite important for you to know, because it can make your voice different than the original.

Why not, with this application, you can change your voice into ghost voices, female & male voices, alien voices, and so on.

Now it’s not only on PC devices to do it, but you can now use it on Android phones though. Considering that now there are many voice changer applications on the internet and you can use them.

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How to Voice Changer on Android that’s Easy and Simple, Check This Out!

The development of the era as it is today, has made various kinds of technology that are increasingly sophisticated and multipurpose appear.

Imagine, now there are many developers competing in making applications, especially those based on Android.

The reason is, smartphones that use the Android operating system are quite enthusiastic in providing a variety of unique applications. One of them is on media editing and the easiest we can find is on sound media.

The need for funny and unique voices is also increasing, so the voice changer method on Android is the target of many people. Especially for those of you who are content creators who are not PD with your own voice.

So one of the best ways is to create or modify your original voice using various cool effects.

Therefore, you should use a special sound effects application. Then how?

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Voice Changer App

How to voice changer on Android by using this voice changer application is quite easy and simple.

This Voice Changer application can be used for you to change the original voice into any voice you want.

The first step is you can download the Voice Changer application on your Android phone, then install it to completion. After success, then open the Voice Changer application that is already installed on your smartphone.

To do so, you can select a sound from your device storage, the trick is to click on “Open Fire Audio & My Sounds”.

Then you just record directly, the way is by clicking “Reman & Change My Voice”.

Then you can immediately change the voice and can choose to change the voice as you wish, for example to be female or male.

If you have, finally, just adjust the level of clarity by sliding the blue dot to the right and left, then save.

Change Your Voice When Playing Games, Can You?

You can also do the voice changer method on Android while playing various games such as FF and PUBG though.

Given that almost all online games now have a feature in the form of Voice Chat to communicate with other people.

In the Play Store, there are now many applications that can change the sound when playing games, for example, the VoiceFX application.

Well, this application offers a wide variety of the best sound effects, such as robot, squirrel, male, female, slow, sheep, fast, and many others.

For the first step, you can download and then install an application called VoiceFX on your smartphone. If you have, then just open the application and choose the sound effect you will use.

The next step is to tap the three line icon in the upper right corner. Finally, just select “Direct Playback Sound”. Done. Pretty easy isn’t it?

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What is a Voice Changer App?

After knowing how to voice changer on Android or change voice, do you know about Voice Changer?

Voice changer is a software that is able to change the voice that you have entered through a browser or microphone.

That means, you can save it in audio formats like MAV or MP3 too. The high demand for the community regarding this application makes the competition in the application world increasingly fierce.

Even so, the existence of applications like this is still able to survive and become a favorite for most people, including you.

You can use this voice changer output not only as content material, but also as a joke.

Voice Changer is one of the best voice maker apps that is popular and can be an option. This you can use when you are online.

One of the advantages that you can get when you use it is its clearer output file. So it is difficult to know the original sound once you have successfully modified it.

If you now know how to voice changer on Android, then it’s time to practice it yourself. Just take advantage of the Voice Changer application.


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