How to Two Screens on iPhone Easy and Practical, Multitasking So Fun!


The two-screen way on the iPhone is certainly one of the features that is quite interesting for you to use. Split Screen iPhone can provide the best solution for iPhone users by displaying a large screen size.

Through this feature, users can simultaneously open two applications on iPhone devices more practically and easily.

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How to Two Screens on iPhone Practical and Easy

As we know that the iPhone is a smartphone brand that has many fans.

In this Apple product, there are various features that allow users to easily access more than one application at the same time.

For those of you who are multitasking fans, then how to activate two screens on this iPhone device can be the right choice.

How to Enable Dual Screen on iPhone

Here’s an easy way to split the screen on your iPhone, so you can access 2 apps at once on one device, including:

  1. The first step is to release the iPhone available.
  2. Then select menu settings from the phone menu.
  3. Next please click Display and Brightness (Display and Brightness), then select View under Display Zoom.
  4. Click Zoom, select Set, then click Apply Zoom
  5. Then the next step that must be done is to determine what applications you will display.
  6. Next show the two apps on the toolbar.
  7. How to activate the next two screens is to open the main application that you will use to share the screen with the second application.
  8. Next, at the bottom of the screen, please drag up to open the toolbar which stores new windows as well as pinned apps. In this case you should start by using the second application.
  9. Here you can choose split screen, you can also choose an iPhone device. Then take it, move it to the first part of the application screen, wait for a rectangular box to appear.
  10. To position it, the second application screen will appear next to the first application.

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How to Split iPhone Screen Into Two Screens

Here’s how to split the screen on an iPhone device into two, to be able to run two applications simultaneously, including:

  1. The first step is to access the Split Screen function on your iPhone, then tap the Recent Apps window.
  2. Furthermore, by using the Recent App button, then the next you can use the Navigation buttons or by swiping up and holding.
  3. Then scroll to Recently Used Apps and find the app you want to use at the top of the split screen window.
  4. Then continue to press and hold on the app icon located at the top of the app preview.
  5. Next select the Multi Window option and select Next on the Multi window Tips screen and select Done to continue.
  6. The way to split the two screens on the next iPhone device is that you select Mobile Applications and then run on the second screen the list of compatible applications, namely the Split Screen that is shown to you.
  7. After selecting an application, you will be able to run two applications simultaneously in the Split Screen window.
  8. You can use in the Portrait or Landscape window by changing the orientation on the iPhone device.
  9. To be able to resize the Split Screen app, you can click and drag the center line that separates the two apps.
  10. If you want to disable the Multi-Window split screen display, tap the Split screen line in the middle of the screen, then tap the “.” point to end.

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Fix iPhone That Can’t Activate Two Screens

The feature to activate two screens in one device has been found on new models of devices. However, if the user still can’t activate the feature on their device, there is an easy solution to fix it.

The trick is to clear the cache in the settings. If the split screen feature is missing, it is possible that the user needs to update the latest version.

Through the dual screen way on iPhone it allows the user to view two windows or apps at the same time. So multitasking activities will be more effective and efficient. Users can access two social media applications at once in a more exciting way.


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