How to Turn Off WhatsApp Notifications That Are Often Annoying


There are several ways to turn off WhatsApp app notifications. Although the WhatsApp (WA) notification or notification is very helpful as a reminder that there is an incoming message, not a few are also annoyed.

As we know, the current WA application is very helpful for communicating with other people, even family, relatives, or friends.

Especially now in the application there is already a group, which is increasingly helping to communicate or disseminate information among group friends.

Indeed the notification message is very helpful. But there are times when we are busy playing games or watching movies via smartphones, we are interrupted by notifications that often appear.

So it is very clear that the notification message was very, very annoying and uncomfortable.

Steps How to Turn Off WhatsApp Notifications

Not a few users of this popular messaging application often feel uncomfortable when notification messages come in continuously.

So, so as not to be disturbed, WhatsApp application users choose it to hide the notification.

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However, the problem is that it doesn’t know how to disable the app’s notification messages.

If you encounter such a problem, then don’t worry. The reason is, there are several solutions you can do to turn off notification messages from the WhatsApp application that often appear.

Via Android Settings

For you Android cellphone users, here are the steps you can take to turn off WhatsApp notifications.

The first way is through smartphone settings. First, open Settings or Settings. Next, open Applications or System apps.

The next step is to open or click Application List/Manage Apps. After that, all you have to do is select the WhatsApp application.

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Then, tap on Notifications and then turn off or turn off all notifications. Don’t forget to also turn off vibration and WhatsApp display on the front screen.

After taking all the steps on how to turn off WhatsApp notifications, then you just have to try it, whether when an incoming message appears or not.

However, one of the disadvantages after you turn off notification messages, it will not know whether there are incoming messages or not.

So, to find out whether there is an incoming message or not, you have to open the WhatsApp application.

Disabling WhatsApp Group Notifications

How to turn off WhatsApp notifications above is for everyone, including from groups. But what if you want to only disable messages from the group.

The first step is to open the WA application on your Android phone. Then, press the Settings menu or settings. The trick is to tap the icon in the form of 3 vertical dots in the right corner of the screen.

Next is to select Notifications. After that, there will be 2 setting options, the first is for Personal and the second is Group.

Well, if you want to disable notifications only for WhatsApp Groups, then choose Groups.

Temporarily turn off the notification, tap the Pop Up Notifications option, and then turn off the group message pop up.

So, after taking all the ways to turn off the WhatsApp notification, then later on your Android cellphone screen will no longer appear annoying messages. (R5/HR-Online/Editor-Adi)


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