How to Sell Suspended Shares in the Negotiable Market, the Risk of Dropping the Price

How to sell suspended shares is not as easy as in general. As a market participant you need to know the right way to sell it. Every stock price movement is certainly not always liquid.

There are times when the shares are suspended or temporarily suspended. Suspend means that you cannot trade the stock on the stock market due to something.

As an investor you need to know how to sell suspended stock if it happens. This method helps to overcome the risk of loss that can occur at any time. If you do not understand the term suspension, you should refer to the following review.

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Know the Terms and How to Sell Suspend Shares

In the world of capital markets, there are many things that investors need to pay attention to. This is due to the erratic movement of the stock market.

The Indonesia Stock Exchange as the capital market authority also has an important role. In fact, they often impose sanctions on a number of issuers for certain reasons.

Stock investing is quite easy, but if you don’t know the right strategy and rules, it can end badly.

Like how to sell suspended shares which you can’t do on the stock market. In fact, it is very likely that your company will get a suspension or warning from the IDX.

When conditions like this usually the IDX itself has invited companies to defend themselves. This happens when the IDX evaluates capital market issuers.

The existence of a suspension, is actually a sign or warning for investors. Where they must review the continuation of the issuer’s share ownership.

If the stock is suspended, it indicates that the stock cannot be traded on the stock exchange. So that the IDX imposes sanctions on issuers who violate certain regulations. It is not easy to sell suspended shares.

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Selling Shares on the Negotiable Market

When stocks are suspended, investors must be able to move quickly. How to sell it is not too easy. Actually, investors can take advantage of the negotiable market to sell these shares.

As many people know, in the capital market there are three transactions that can occur, namely regular, cash and negotiable. For that, it’s better if you use the negotiable market to sell it.

As long as it has not been delisted, there is still an opportunity to sell suspended shares. It’s just that the consequence that investors must get is a higher risk of loss.

Not only that, if it has entered the negotiable market, it does not necessarily mean that the shares will be immediately sold. Shareholders must wait until there are investors who are interested in buying them. If you want to follow this method there are steps.

We recommend that you contact securities if you wish to sell stock on the negotiable market. Furthermore, if the request is approved, usually the securities will provide online application services.

Investors will be directed to place an offer and usually there is an additional letter NG which means it indicates a negotiable market.

Furthermore, if the negotiable market online trading application is not yet available, the securities will help you. This is what you can do when selling suspended shares. (R10/HR-Online)

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