How to Scan WA Barcodes on Iphone or iPad, this is the trick!


How to scan WA barcodes on iPhone makes it easier for users in daily activities. This barcode scan feature helps users only with the iPhone camera. Because Apple has embedded this advanced feature innovation on the iPhone camera and other iOS devices.

This feature provides quick access to websites without the hassle of typing in the destination web address. The iPhone camera already has a data read feature to scan quickly and easily. Check out the following information.

Easy! This is How to Scan WA Barcodes on the Latest Iphone

Users can find the best way after following the following tricks.

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Scan the WA Barcode of Other Cellphones with the iPhone Camera

The first is with the iPhone camera. Open your phone’s camera application then point the camera at the Whatsapp profile barcode. If you have then touch the notification open on Whatsapp.

Automatically open chat to that whatsapp number and fast. Meanwhile, to scan WhatsApp contact barcodes, you don’t need to open the WhatsApp application again. Because it’s enough to just open the iPhone’s rear camera and then shoot the QR code for the whatsapp contact.

Scan the iPhone WA QR Code with Whatsapp Web

How to scan WA barcodes on the first Iphone, whatsapp users visit via desktop web. When the user has not logged into WhatsApp on this page, they will see a square QR code that is black and white with an irregular pattern.

If you enter the whatsapp web, open the whatsapp desktop program, the QR code in the program window. Then open whatsapp iphone and touch the whatsapp app icon. The icon is a white speech bubble on a green background.

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If you don’t have a mobile whatsapp, then you need to enter your phone number and verify it before going to the next step.

Then touch the settings menu and the cog icon at the bottom of the screen and the settings page opens. If WhatsApp immediately displays the chat then click back in the upper left corner of the screen.

Click whatsapp web then click OK got it when prompted. Whatsapp QR scanner will appear. If you have entered the computer website, for how to scan the WA barcode on your iPhone, click scan the QR Code on the middle page of the page.

Point the phone camera at the QR code. However, the phone must be within about 30 cm of the user’s computer screen. Adjust the shot and make sure it is in the center of the camera screen square visible on the iphone screen.

If it fits, wait until the barcode scan is scanned. If so, the whatsapp web is automatically updated. So you can see messages and chats on your desktop screen.

Scan Whatsapp QR Code

iPhone users can also directly scan barcodes quickly. First is to open the whatsapp application then switch to the settings menu. After that, tap the QR icon that appears next to the username and then click scan. Then click OK.

How to scan a WA barcode on an iPhone, hold your iPhone then adjust it above the QR code to scan or scan. After that click add to contacts. That way, you already have a new whatsapp contact on your phone. This is a method other than using the iPhone camera.

On iPhone 6s or other newer versions this can be done by tapping or holding the WhatsApp icon on the main screen. Then click the camera to open the whatsapp camera. This applies if the user uses the iPhone camera.

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Scan WA Barcodes From Photos

The first step is to open Whatsapp and head to settings. Click on the QR icon that has appeared next to the username. Then click scan or scan after that click the photo icon at the bottom of the screen. You just select the whatsapp QR code from your photo then click add to contact. Done.

Scanning Barcode or QR Code from New Contact Screen

In addition to the above methods, users can perform barcode scanning with the new contact screen. First, open WhatsApp on your cellphone and then click New Chat. Click the new contact after that add via QR code. You hold the device over the QR code and click the photo icon at the bottom of the screen.

Then select the WhatsApp photo QR code. Click add new box. How to scan the WA barcode on the iPhone can be an easy and fast option.


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