How to Save IG Story on iPhone Practically Without Complicated


How to save IG stories on iPhone you can now do in an easy and fast way. Saving IG stories sometimes we need to do for a need.

Instagram story is one of the features that we can enjoy and is a favorite of Instagram users. With this IG story, you can watch uploaded photos or videos from any account.

However, you can only see it. Because, there is no IG story storage feature to the cellphone.

Actually you can save it on your phone, but don’t use the features of this IG app.

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Fast and Easy! This is How to Save IG Story on iPhone

On Instagram, there is no feature that you can use to save IG stories to your phone. However, there’s no need to worry if you need the story to save to your phone.

Not only can you save it on a regular smartphone. However, now stories can also be easily saved on your iPhone.

1. How to Save IG on iPhone with Story Reposter

Story Reposter is a third-party application whose function is to save IG stories to your phone. Even though there are ads in this application, you don’t have to do this in-app purchases or make a purchase.

Well, for how to save IG stories on iPhone, you can use this application. The method is very easy, you can follow the steps below.

First, open the Apple Store. Furthermore, you can search for this application by using the search feature.

After you have successfully installed it, open the application.

When you open the Story Reposter application, you will now find a search box. At this point, you can enter the username of the account whose Instagram story you want to save to your phone or iPhone.

After you open the profile of the user’s account, you will be able to see the various stories they have shared on their Instagram account.

The Instagram story can be in the form of photos or videos. Select the one you want to save it.

Select the Share button. Finally, you can press the Save Image option. Automatically, stories in the form of photos or videos that you want can be saved on your iPhone.

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2. Visit

You need to know, actually is a web version of the Story Reposter earlier.

The difference between and Story Reposter is that you have to install it on your device beforehand. After that, your download process is done from within the application.

For the web version, you can do how to save IG stories on your iPhone in a more practical and simpler way.

First, open one of the browsers you use on your device. Next, write in the address bar. Then, hit enter.

After that, enter the name of the Instagram account where you will save the story. Then, enter the URL of the story which is a photo or video. After that, you can start the download process.

It’s different with Android, which can save downloaded Instagram stories directly. If you are using an iPhone, then you will still need an extension like Browser and Document.

You can install it first before downloading the story. After that you can return to the insta story file that you want to download.

Next, you can press the download button for a long time. Then, a storage option will appear on your phone’s internal memory.

Because it uses a URL base, you can save IG stories using via any device.

Can use Android smartphones, laptops, computers, or PCs. Everything you can do quickly and easily.

To save Instagram stories to iPhone or Android, there is actually a difference. Well, the difference is only in the storage system.

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For iPhone users but can’t download stories to your iPhone storage, it could be that you haven’t installed Instagram Documents Plus on your device.

You can now do a quick and easy way to save an IG story on your iPhone using this method. Now you can save IG stories, be it photos or videos, even though there is no such feature on IG.


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