How to Reset iPhone Without iTunes Update, Easy and Safe!


How to reset iPhone without iTunes you can do easily. Doing a reset on your iPhone is the best solution for those of you who want to sell or give your phone to someone else.

This is so that the data stored in it can be erased and the system can run like a new device. You can do this if your iPhone hangs or lags.

There are three types of reset on iPhone devices. Starting from soft reset, hard resetas well as reset via iTunes. On soft reset, the system will not delete the data stored on the iPhone.

Whereas for hard reset will be able to erase the data completely. All saved apps, photos and videos will be deleted if you select hard reset.

Therefore, don’t forget to backup your phone data before resetting your iPhone.

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How to Reset iPhone Without iTunes?

iOS devices are known to provide quite sophisticated security for their users. In other words, without a passcode, one cannot factory reset the device if it is lost or stolen.

Then what if the user forgets the passcode or iPhone password and will reset the device to factory settings without using standard methods?

In this case the user can use some iPhone reset technique without passcode or iTunes. This method is quite safe for users to do.

Here are some options on how to reset iPhone without iTunes that you can do, including:

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Reset iPhone Via iCloud

Most iPhone users reset their iPhone using iTunes. But actually, users can do without iTunes though.

This way allows users to reset iPhone from multiple backup options stored in iCloud.

For those of you who want to reset iPhone without iTunes through the iCloud Find My iPhone service, here’s an easy way that you can do, among others:

  1. First open the site
  2. Then log in using your Apple ID account. If you are asked for verification, just do it
  3. After logging into the account, the iCloud service automatically detects your iPhone device
  4. Then several options will appear, then select Erase iPhone
  5. The next way to reset iPhone without iTunes is to select the Remove from Account option
  6. Please verify by entering the code that has been sent to the number connected to your Apple ID account
  7. Next, iPhone will be reset to initial settings
  8. To check, you can log back into your iPhone
  9. the process of resetting the iPhone via iCloud is also complete.

You can do this using a computer or smartphone.

The most important thing that you need to pay attention to is that you have to use a Web Browser application to run this method.

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Using PhoneRescue

The next way to reset iPhone without iTunes is to use additional applications.

PhoneRescue is one of those apps that gives you the option of being able to choose whether or not to wipe data when resetting your iPhone.

In addition, this application is also quite simple for the iPhone reset process. The following are the steps to reset iPhone using PhoneRescue, including:

  1. Download the PhoneRescue app for iOS on your computer device.
  2. Then connect the iPhone device to the computer via a USB cable.
  3. Click iOS Repair Tools Mode then click the right arrow.
  4. The next step select repair mode. This mode provides Standard Mode as well as Advanced Mode, then select a mode you need. Through Standard Mode, your iOS system will be updated to the latest version and all device data will be erased completely. Meanwhile, with Advanced Mode, the data on your device will not be erased.
  5. Then go into recovery. Then check your device info, Click “Download” button to download firmware for iPhone.
  6. After downloading, PhoneRescue will reset your iPhone. Wait until the process is complete.

There are no special conditions to reset iPhone without iTunes. But make sure before doing it, you have done a data backup, namely via iCloud.

Then, the cellphone battery must also be full at least 80% before doing the iPhone reset method without iTunes, and there is an internet connection to connect to Apple ID.


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