How to Remotely Lock iPhone with Lost and Activation Mode


This way of remotely locking iPhone is usually referred to as Lost Mode. We can access it in Find My iPhone which is available on easily.

iOS device users will benefit when an event occurs that can harm the phone. For example, when the phone is lost and contains important data that people should not access.

Well, we can overcome this easily if we know this way. Therefore, it would be better if we know it properly.

For all Apple devices, follow our steps. Especially for those of you who are new to using this one device.

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How to Remotely Lock iPhone in Lost Mode

You need to know that iPhone devices have an advantage over other devices. They provide the availability of Lost Mode to help lock, so that other people who are not the owner of the phone cannot access it.

The reason is, access to personal information will obviously be dangerous if other people access it.

Therefore, iOS device users can rely on it. For more details, please follow the steps from us in full below.

Lost Mode

Firstly it would be better if you now grab your phone or iOS device to try to activate lost mode. It’s very easy, just search for then find My iPhone.

After that, you just have to activate it for all available devices. Then just enter Lost Mode or easily locked to secure the device data.

Users who enable this feature will be asked to create a password using numbers to secure the data in it. Therefore, make sure that the code is not easy for people to guess.

Users can set up this feature using sharing which will set each other up with the Apple id belonging to a family member’s device. Just merge it when you open it.

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Emergency Contact

How to remotely lock iPhone in this way, will automatically help provide emergency contacts. Usually the user will be asked to enter an emergency number and a message that the phone is missing.

Contacts like this will help, because they appear immediately on the locked screen. But make sure that you always remember your password, so you don’t have to take it to an official counter to open it.

How to Remotely Lock iPhone Using Activation Lock

Note that we can use the device easily. The feature they designed this time for the iOS device, will help make tracking easier.

It will automatically help when there is a loss or other things.

Then the user just wipes the device remotely. Initially users need to activate this one feature and always block if anyone tries to access data automatically.

This one feature is available on all Apple-owned devices and users can use it easily. Its security this time will help tracking and recovering a lost device.

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Using the Mark As Lost Feature

If you lose your phone or iOS device, you can use the mark as a lost device feature. We just use this one feature and it will help lock the phone even remotely.

How to lock the iPhone remotely is very easy to do anywhere and anytime. People with bad intentions on your device will not easily open the contents of the data. Therefore, please you to activate it.

When someone finds a cell phone, it will automatically get a message containing the number and text you sent. Then that person will be able to get a number that can be called to notify the condition of the cellphone.

Something like that will help and keep the device safe and the phone back at you. Therefore, it would be better if we pay attention to the security of the device we are using. Obviously it will be dangerous if the data on the device is misused.

This way of remotely locking iPhone will help you a lot. Therefore, do not miss information from us for safety.


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