How to Open EXE Files on Android Phones with the Help of aFreeBox


How to open an EXE file on a cellphone can be with an application. The steps are quite simple, short and easy to do. Actually there is a file that has an EXE extension that specifically can only be opened on windows operating systems.

But now with the development of an increasingly sophisticated world of technology, this has also changed. The file with the EXE extension can now be opened only through the Android operating system.

This is because Android smartphones are changing rapidly. So that various interesting features can be used, including in terms of opening EXE files.

Not all EXE files can be opened via Android devices. The criteria for files that can be opened are light, like Windows games and the like. When you want to open of course you must have the file.

Actually, you can easily run an EXE file on your cellphone. You don’t need to be confused, now many EXE files are available for free. So that it helps you find and open it even more easily even if you only use an Android device.

How to Open EXE Files on Android Phones Without Complicated

As has been done since the beginning, if the EXE file can only be opened using a computer or laptop device. But now only with an Android cellphone, you can open and run it with a simple anti-complicated.

Even with sophisticated, modern and contemporary specifications, you can open the file easily. Only EXE files that can be opened on limited .

Files with a small size or no more than 10 MB can only be opened. There are several steps you can take. So that the file will practically be able to open even if only with an Android phone.

How to Open EXE Files with Third-Party Applications

How to open an EXE file on an Android phone is quite easy. It’s just that you need the help of third-party applications. There are many applications that you can use to open the file on your cellphone.

One such application is aFreeBox. The aFreeBox application has the same role as Dosbox Turbo. It’s just that it has more developed features. With this application you can open any EXE file.

For example, PC games based on EXE. You will most likely be able to run the game through the available screens from aFreeBox.

The application is also complete with controllers such as cursors, keyboards and others. You can use the aFreeBox application with ease and hassle.

Steps to Use aFreeBox Application

Using the help of third-party applications is one of the easy ways you can do to open EXE files on Android phones. These steps include:

  • Because how to open an EXE file on a cellphone using the help of an application, of course you must download and install the aFreeBox application through the Google Play Store
  • Next, please prepare the EXE file that you want to open. If the file is in RAR or ZIP form, you should first extract the file using the ZArchiver application or the like
  • When opening the application page do not forget to specify the appropriate location where you want to save the EXE file. For example in storage or something else. If you want to change it, just type in the folder name using the available virtual keyboard
  • If you have done these steps, type the command to open the EXE file folder. For example, if the file is in the rescue 1 folder, please type “cd/1 rescue” (without the quotes) and Enter
  • Then type “lh (space) exe file name”
  • In this case you will get a command to type the EXE file folder name. Type as desired and press Enter
  • Wait for the process to finish and you can try to open it. If the EXE file is a game then you can immediately play it.

Using the way with the help of the app helps you to open EXE files quickly. Even how to open an EXE file on an Android phone can be done with just a few easy steps. You can do it yourself without someone who can do it specifically.


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