How to Make Ringtones on iPhone Easy and Fast, Check Out Complete Tips


How to make a ringtone on the iPhone with various songs can be done with a few easy steps. Ringtone or ringtone is one of the features found on all smartphones, including the iPhone.

By using a ringtone, users can show their identity as iPhone users. This is because when there is an incoming phone call or message, the installed ringtone will light up.

Each smartphone vendor has installed a default ringtone with their own characteristics. Likewise, the iPhone offers several default ringtones for users to use as personal tones when a call or message comes in.

In this case, the iPhone can customize the ringtone, if the users are not satisfied or feel bored with the default ringtone. Users can also create their own ringtones more easily on their iOS devices.

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How to Make Ringtones on iPhone Easy and Fast

How to make ringtones on iOS devices is different from Android devices.

The users have to go through various steps to get the perfect result. In addition, the file extension is also different from Android.

If on Android devices use files with MP3 extension, while on iPhone devices use files with M4R extension.

For those of you who like to customize ringtones on iPhone devices, to get satisfactory results, here’s how to make the right ringtones on iPhone, including:

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Via Settings

To be able to make iPhone ringtones through settings, then make sure you first have a song that has been imported to iPhone via iTunes on a computer or something else.

The easy steps to make iPhone ringtones through settings include:

  1. First step, enter in iPhone settings
  2. Please look for the Sound and Haptic menu or your Ring is Haptic
  3. Next there will be lots of options to change the ringtone
  4. Then please click on what type of tone you want to change, for example Ringtone
  5. Then select the Ringtone or Ringtone that you will use
  6. Next press Done and return to the main menu.

Although how to make ringtones on iPhone through the settings menu is quite easy and fast.

However, there are often limitations that apply, namely the choice of an inappropriate ringtone. Therefore, you can try other methods.

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Making Ringtones Through iTunes

The choice of how to make a ringtone on the next iPhone device is to use iTunes. The easy steps include:

  1. To get started, make sure you’re using the latest version of iTunes for the software.
  2. Then select the song you want to use and identify the 30 seconds you want to use as a ringtone.
  3. Then right click on the file menu again. Then go to Song Info.
  4. Next click the Options tab
  5. Scroll to the Start and Stop sections, then enter the start and stop times for the 30-second section of the song you’ve selected.
  6. Click OK at the bottom of the screen.
  7. How to make a ringtone on the iPhone with iTunes next is that you have to make an Acc version of the song you have chosen. To do this, please go to File > Convert > Create AAC version.
  8. Then please copy the AAC file that has appeared in the iTunes library to the desktop. Then change the file extension from M4A to M4R. Please confirm your changes in the pop-up provided.
  9. The final step is to add the file to your iPhone device. To do this, please return to iTunes and click on the iPhone icon in the upper left corner.
  10. Then at the bottom of Summari, please scroll down to the Options section, check the box next to Manually manage music and videos.
  11. Click Done in the lower right corner to be able to save your changes.
  12. Then drag the M4R file from the desktop to the Tones tab under On My Device. Then it will automatically sync your iPhone ringtone

By following how to make a ringtone on the iPhone correctly and correctly, then you too can produce a good ringtone. Of course with a clearer quality when you listen.


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