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How to enlarge writing on is not difficult. No matter how good the smartphone screen used, the text sometimes looks too small for poor eyesight.

The bigger the screen size on the device, it doesn’t mean that the font size on the device also increases.

Users need to make settings by taking advantage of features that are available in the Android system to capitalize letters on devices.

There are currently several methods available to assist users in making text easier to read. According to the version of Android used, users can change the text to be larger.

For those of you who find it difficult to read writing on an Android smartphone screen that is too small, then the following steps can be a solution.

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The Most Effective Way to Enlarge Writing on

A font is a graphic representation of a text that generally includes a typeface, design, color, and size.

Changing the font size can be done by users to help make it easier to read text content such as messages, contacts, and so on.

This also applies to an device. It’s just that not all mobile users know how to change the font size or text, either on an Android device or an iPhone.

By changing the font size, it can change the overall font size on your device.

How to Increase Font Size on Android Phones Through Settings

s now have a fairly wide screen size. This of course can provide its own convenience, whether for ordinary use or to enjoy the content in it.

However, for users who still feel the size of the text or letters on the smartphone feels small, they can change it. In general, the elderly or the elderly who need it more.

On the device itself, there is a feature to enlarge writing in a fairly easy way.

Here’s how to increase the size of letters or writing on Android devices that you can do, including:

  1. Enter the phone settings menu. Here you can have a gear icon that provides access to settings or settings
  2. Next, find and select the Display menu, which will later provide various display settings options on Android smartphones.
  3. How to enlarge writing on the next cellphone after entering the Display menu page, then please scroll down until you find a menu that says Font Size or font size, then select the menu
  4. Next, you will get a menu to change the font or text size. Then swipe left to reduce the letters and swipe right to make the letters larger.

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Enlarge Android Text Through Accessibility Settings

You can do this by taking advantage of the Accessibility Settings feature.

This is one of the settings features on the Android system that can make it easier for users to access all the features contained in Android devices.

The function of the Accessibility Setting feature is quite diverse, one of which is to change the display size of letters or text on the Android screen.

To use this feature is quite easy:

  1. Enter the Settings menu
  2. Then scroll down and select Accessibility
  3. Next, please look for the menu option to change the font display size
  4. You can slide the switch to be able to enlarge the writing or letters on the cellphone the easy way you want. Then the size will be the font size on the entire phone, whether in display, text, or applications.

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How to Capitalize on iPhone

Unlike Android phones, how to enlarge text on iPhone has its own settings. Here are some easy steps to change the font size on iPhone devices, including:

  1. The first step is to open the settings menu
  2. Then select the display menu and brightness
  3. Then please select the text size
  4. Then you can drag the slider to choose the font size you want.

By increasing the writing on the that is quite easy above, then you will also get the appropriate size. The use of devices will also become more comfortable for your eyesight.


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