How to Hack WA Remotely and Without the Need for Applications


You can do how to hack WA (WhatsApp) remotely, even without the need for a help application on the smartphone. So that way makes it easier for you to hack other people’s WhatsApp.

As we know, that in this day and age, technological developments are increasingly advanced. So with these advances, we can get a lot of convenience.

One of them is the ease of communicating with other people, because of the existence of social media.

Currently, the most widely used long-distance communication application is WhatsApp. Because this application has very complete features and is very easy to use.

How to Hack WA Remotely Without Application

These days, people are using WhatsApp to keep secrets. So, don’t be surprised if now many people want to know what other people’s WhatsApp secrets are. So they often do wiretapping or hack Whatsapp accounts.

For ordinary people who don’t understand technology, it must be very difficult to hack other people’s WA. Especially without touching the victim’s cell phone.

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For Android users, there are many applications that can be used to hack WhatsApp. Well, to find out more details about how to hack WA remotely without an application, see the following review.

  1. The first step you have to do is to download the latest WhatsApp application and install it. So, by using the latest WA application, it has more complete features and recovery services. So that by using this latest WA you can do hacking recovery faster.
  2. The next step is to set up the phone number or email of the hack you want to target. Then prepare a new Whatsapp account by registering the phone number you want to go to that you want to hack.
  3. WhatsApp will automatically call the phone number of the person you want to hack. After that WA will provide a pin that you must enter to authenticate the account. Once you have access to the target phone number, you must answer the call to get the code.

How to Hack Whatsapp Using SS7

In recent years, how to hack WA remotely using ss7 is quite popular. Though hacking is something that is prohibited because it interferes with people’s privacy.

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However, some people use this method to monitor or supervise growing children, to keep them on the right path.

If you want to hack whatsapp using this method, there are several techniques you can use:

  1. SS7 Software Development Kit
  2. Target Whatsapp number.
  3. computer or laptop
  4. Linux Operating System.
  5. Internet connection.

Hack Whatsapp Without Mobile Number Verification

The next way to hack WA remotely is without verifying the cellphone number. This way, it will be easier for you to spy on someone’s WhatsApp application. Following are the steps:

  • The first step is to install the smartphoneLog or Airdroid application. After that, register an account. On this registration page, fill in all the required data. Starting from the email, username and password.
  • In the final step, visit the official websites of the two apps. After that, log back in using the account we registered earlier. Once successful, you can log in and see all the targeted person’s WhatsApp application data.

Without Scanning Barcode

How to hack WA remotely can also be done without using a barcode scan using the WhatsApp sniffer application.

Maybe some people are familiar with this WhatsApp application. Because this application is specifically used to hack other people’s WA accounts.

Although using a WhatsApp sniffer is quite complicated, there are advantages that you can get, namely that you don’t need to use the victim’s cellphone to hack.

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However, to carry out missions using the app, the victim’s phone must be on the same network as yours. For example by using the same Wifi.

Here are the steps on how to hack WA remotely without scanning a barcode using a whatsapp sniffer:

  • The first step is to download and install the WhatsApp Sniffer application. After that you can immediately run the application. When you first open this application, a screen will appear asking for root access and the BusyBox application.
  • Then, search for the application and wait for the results until you receive how many messages from the WhatsApp number. After that you can immediately see the contents of your victim’s WhatsApp.

Even though it’s easy to hack WA remotely, you shouldn’t do it. Because it could be an illegal act or violate the privacy of others. (R5/HR-Online/Editor-Adi)


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