How to get rid of paint marks on a car with these two easy steps


How to remove paint marks on a car is actually easy. It’s just that there are some people who don’t even know how to do it.

You simply wash the car to make it look shiny and give a layer of wax on the car body.

Especially if the vehicle has white paint, it requires more maintenance.

Given this color is easy to get dirty, then you have to be able to take care of it. So what if you get paint on the walls?

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How to get rid of paint marks on a car is simple, check out the steps!

The name alone is a disaster, of course, everyone will never know when and where it came from. It’s the same with owning a car, even if we’re careful, there’s something that can cause the car to scuff or even break.

Apart from just being on the road, sometimes problems can arise when we are parking the vehicle somewhere.

For example, when we want to put the car into the garage, but accidentally the rear view mirror touches the wall and makes the wall paint stick to the mirror.

It turns out that it’s not just the mirrors, but the wall paint that sometimes sticks to the car body.

If it’s like this, then you must remove it immediately so that it doesn’t look like an eyesore. How to?

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Using Mosquito Repellent Rub

Who would have thought it turns out that you can do how to remove paint marks on a car by using an insect repellent.

The method is also very easy, the first step is to prepare a small sachet of topical mosquito repellent.

Then tear at the end of the product, then apply it to the part of the car body that was exposed to the wall paint earlier. If you have then rub it using a soft and clean cloth.

Apart from just using a cloth, you can also use a tissue, but don’t use a wet tissue. Because this topical mosquito repellent includes chemical ingredients, use it sparingly and don’t overdo it.

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Using Compound

The way to remove paint marks on the car for the next stage is to use compound. As we know that the compound itself is the main and best choice for dealing with paint problems.

Why not, because you can use this compound to remove paint that sticks to the car body.

For the first stage, first clean the surface of the car so that dirt and dust can be lost.

If you have, then just apply the compound evenly on the part of the car body that is exposed to the wall paint. Next, rub the compound using a soft and clean cloth.

Do this several times until the paint stains on the car body are completely gone. If it hasn’t gone away, then you can apply the compound again and do it gradually.

Now, after the stain is completely gone, you can finally apply the kit to remove the former compound.

Actually, how to remove paint marks on a car is very easy, but if you can’t afford it then you can take it to a repairman.


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