How to flex the car glass rubber to maintain its elasticity


How to flex the car glass rubber you can do with easy and fast steps. You just need to follow the right tips so that the rubber can function optimally again.

Cars are one of the vehicles that are increasingly owned by the wider community. Even cars also come with advanced technological advances along with the development of the technological world.

Cars come with various interrelated components. All car components have different functions.

Even the maintenance that the owner needs to do must be done periodically.

Not all car components can function in the long term. For this reason, so that problems do not arise, you can take care of them properly.

One component that is often overlooked is the rubber on the glass or door. Even though it seems trivial, you need to know how to flex the right car windshield rubber.

This can cause discomfort when driving. Along with the age of use of components, of course, they will have sub-optimal performance.

Even if it’s only minor damage, if you don’t pay attention to it, it will cause more damage. This is also often the case with car windshield rubber.

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How to flex the car glass rubber so it doesn’t get brittle

Rubber on the glass or car door has an important role. You also have to pay attention to it and provide regular care.

Unfortunately these components are not paid attention to by the owner.

Along with the use and age of use of the rubber is not elastic again. The rubber has a certain service life.

However, taking care of it properly will make the rubber age longer. Even the rubber remains in an elastic state.

If the rubber is maintained, you will feel comfortable when opening and closing the glass and car doors.

It’s different if the rubber already has poor quality, the impact will make the car glass drag when it is raised and lowered.

Even the biggest risk can make the glass beret. To keep the condition in good condition, use the following ways to flex the car glass rubber:

Cleaning Window Rubber Regularly

One way you can do to maintain the elasticity of the glass rubber is to clean it regularly. Just like other components, rubber, glass and car doors also need maintenance.

We recommend that you clean the components regularly using a damp cloth and cloth. You need to do this to maintain the freshness of the rubber.

Use the flex method of the windshield rubber to increase its elasticity.

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Clean After Exposed to Rainwater

When it rains, water can enter between the rubber and glass. To fix this, you can clean it so that the potential for dry and brittle rubber can be overcome.

Immediately clean the window rubber so that it can function optimally. Moreover, rain water has the potential to damage rubber faster.

If you just leave it alone, the rubber will be easily damaged. In fact, there are still many ways to flex the car glass rubber to keep the quality in good condition.

Spray Silicon

The next way to flex the car glass rubber is by spraying silicone on that part. You can do this approximately 2x a month.

Spray on the rubber parts of the glass and car doors with liquid silicone spray.

By using this liquid, the rubber does not dry out easily. So that the freshness of the rubber is maintained.

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Apply Silicon Rubber

There are many ways you can do to get the quality of the glass rubber and car doors to be maintained. In addition to spraying liquid silicon spray, you can use silicon rubber.

You can apply the silicone with the help of your fingers to get maximum results. Apply the liquid evenly on the rubber for maximum appearance.

Rubber on the glass and car doors has an important role.

The treatment you can do must also be right. You should not underestimate this one component.

Because if it is not given proper care, it will not work optimally. Rubber will be easily brittle and not elastic again.

In order to keep it well maintained, give the right steps as a way to flex the car glass rubber. This way the rubber is maintained and you won’t have any trouble opening and closing it.


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