How to display the seconds on Android to make it look cooler


How to display the seconds of the clock on Android is quite easy. It aims to make the smartphone screen display more attractive and beautiful.

As we know, the clock itself is an indication of time that we are used to everyday.

For now, we can also look at the clock anywhere, one of which is through smartphone devices, including Android.

Because we can directly see the clock on the main screen of the cellphone easily and quickly.

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How to Display Clock Seconds on Android which is quite easy and simple

Hardware called a smartphone seems to be one of the products that cannot be separated from our grasp.

How not, because cellphones can not only be used to communicate. But there are still many other things we can do.

Most of the tools such as stopwatches, cameras, clocks, alarms, compasses, and so on have been replaced by the presence of a smartphone.

It’s as if Android devices have been able to replace many of the functions of a number of previous tools that help us to do many activities.

When it comes to functions, maybe you often see the notification bar on your cellphone. There are many menu icons and notifications.

Call it a signal or WiFi icon, chat icon, and a clock that will always be there for all types of smartphone devices as a timepiece.

In general, the clock on the cellphone will only display the digits of the hour and minute, it turns out that now you can make seconds too.

Especially for the latest mobile phones, now it has a second-increasing feature.

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Tips on Enabling Seconds in Android Status Bar

The first way to display the seconds of the clock on Android is to enable System UI Configuration.

This is a setting that can control which icons appear and which icons can disappear from the Android bar.

For the trick, first you can lower the notification panel, then hold down on the gear and then you can go directly to the Settings menu.

Wrench now, then it will immediately appear next to the gear and you will find the new configuration.

Go to System UI Configuration then click Status Bar, then scroll down the screen again and find the Hora category. Click on the top and a new dropdown will appear immediately, then select the hour, minute, and second display.

Of course the clock will automatically take up more space when using this method. But if you select the “Don’t show this icon” option, then you can hide the clock from the Android status bar.

Use the App

How to display the seconds on Android for this second tip is to use a special application. You can first open Google Play, then download and install an app called Dev Tools.

If it has been successfully installed then open the application, there will be many menu options, then you can choose the SysUI Tuner option. The next step in the “Interface Setup” menu section, you can select “Status Bar”.

Scroll down again until you find the “Time” option, then the menu will immediately appear. Now, to display seconds you can directly select the option “Display Hours, Minutes, and Seconds”.

Well, for this one method, it applies only to types of smartphones that do not yet have this feature. If you are one of them, then you can use these additional applications.

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How Important Is Displaying the Clock?

After knowing two ways to display the seconds of the clock on Android like earlier, do you know how important it is to display the clock?

Besides being able to beautify the appearance of a smartphone, with the clock display on the front screen, it makes it easier for us to see the time.

Although almost all smartphone devices are complete with a clock application, there are some cellphones whose clock widget does not appear.

Widgets themselves are something we can add to home screen aka lock screen.

So that we can see things like this right away even without having to open the application. However, in general, there are 2 types of clock widgets that we can install, namely analog clocks and digital clocks.

If we look at the cellphone screen, we will definitely see a number of icons, say it’s like a timer starting from hours, minutes, to seconds. Now you can add seconds to the end of the minute to show the accuracy of the time.

Some cellphones already have this feature, but there are also some cellphones that don’t have it. So how to display the seconds of the clock on Android is very important for you to know.


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