How to Create an Apple ID on Android with Easy and Simple Steps


How to create an Apple ID on Android is actually the same when you use an iPhone. This method is done so that you can get services from Apple like an iOS device.

Apple is one of the most popular electronics companies. In fact, almost all devices with the Apple brand have fantastic prices.

Not only in terms of appearance, but also provides a service that is quite interesting. For example iWork, iCloud, iTunes Store, Apple Store, and other services.

Even if you use an Android smartphone, you can still experience Apple’s services.

Even if you use any type of device, you can still feel the service as an intermediary in making it. How to create an Apple ID on Android is relatively easy, just like when operating it on iOS.

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How to Easily Create an Apple ID on Android

Apple ID as an account that can be used to access various iOS services. To be able to use it, you don’t have to have the device, for example an iPhone, iPad, or other types.

To be able to use the service you only need an Apple ID with an email address and password. This will also help you more easily access Apple services.

Making an Apple ID is also quite easy, even using an Android smartphone. If you are still confused in making it, here are some easy ways that you can imitate.

The method is quite easy, almost the same if you use an iPhone or iPad. Follow these steps:

  1. The first step you can take as a way to create an Apple ID on Android is by opening the Chrome browser on your Android phone
  2. Go to page
  3. Please press the top menu and select Create Apple ID
  4. After doing so, a registration form will appear
  5. Please fill in the form correctly and complete the Captcha
  6. If all the forms are filled correctly please press the continue button
  7. A verification pop-up will automatically appear
  8. Open the email address you used in registration
  9. Enter the verification code from the Apple email into the verification pop up
  10. If you have done all the steps, please press the continue button to complete the registration.

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Apple ID function

Once you know how to create an Apple ID on Android, don’t forget to also know its function. There are still many people who don’t know about the important role of Apple ID.

However, knowing this will help you make the most of your Apple ID. Some of the functions that you can get are:

  • Easy to purchase from the App Store, iTunes, and other services.
  • iCloud is able to access as Apple’s online storage service.
  • Access Apple services like the App Store, Apple Music, iCloud, and more.

Actually the function of the Apple ID is still quite a lot. It’s just that most Apple product users still rely on iCloud features. So they pay less attention to the Apple ID.

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Troubleshooting If You Forgot Your Apple ID Password

Everyone certainly has the same problem. It even includes remembering Apple ID passwords.

After creating a new Apple ID not a few of them forget to memorize it.

There are even those who do storage in various ways. But if how to create an Apple ID on Android and you forget the password, it will certainly be a little complicated. But when this condition occurs, do not panic.

There is an easy and precise way that you can do to overcome it. By using Apple’s feature, namely iForgot, this problem will be solved.

To be able to use this feature, you can immediately do the following steps:

  1. When you want to use Apple features you can open the page first
  2. Then enter your Apple ID in the section that is already available
  3. Enter the registered phone number
  4. If you’ve done these steps, usually Apple will send you a verification code
  5. After you have successfully verified, we recommend that you immediately create a new password

By following these steps, the way to solve Apple ID forgot password can be resolved quickly and easily. So how to create an Apple ID on Android you can do.


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