How to Create a New WhatsApp with the Same Number, Practical!


How to create a new WhatsApp with the same number is often a question for some users.

The reason is, when you replace the latest cellphone, automatically all installed applications will re-login.

This also happens to the WhatsApp application. When you re-login on a different smartphone, of course all the chats in it will be lost.

However, contacts that have been saved and backed up will not be lost. Thus, you can also communicate with other users in your WA contacts.

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This is an easy way to create a new WhatsApp with the same number

WhatsApp is one of the most popular chat applications and is widely used by the public. In this application, there are various features that are very interesting and useful for users.

In fact, this application also allows users to use the same number when changing cellphones.

This is certainly very useful for those of you who want to use the WhatsApp application for different purposes.

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Conditions for Creating a New WhatsApp with the Same Number

Before creating a new WhatsApp via a new number using the easy way, you should know some conditions that must be met. The first condition, the number you use is still valid or active.

Next, the mobile number that you will register for the WA application registration can receive verification messages from WhatsApp. In addition, the mobile number that you will use is not another user’s number.

If all of these terms or conditions have been met, then you can easily follow how to create a new WhatsApp with the same number.

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Steps to Create a New WhatsApp with the Same Number

You can create a new WhatsApp using the same number through the chat application itself in the following ways:

  1. The first step is to install the WA application through the Google Play Store or App Store
  2. Next, open the WA application, register and login with the mobile number you will use.
  3. The next step, after registering, you will be asked to enter a verification code on the WA account that you have created. You will get the verification code from WA via an SMS message that will be sent to your mobile number.
  4. After successful verification, you will receive a notification about your chat history and backup media. Then recover the chat history and media. This aims to be able to review messages and other media contained in your WA account.

After following how to create a new WhatsApp with the same number correctly, then you can use a new WA account using the old number. In addition, you can view old WhatsApp chat messages if you use the same device. But if you are using a new phone, then you will not see these messages.


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