How to Check the Android Version Without Hassle for All Brands


How to check the Android version can now be done easily. This way you can get information whether your Android is still worth it or not.

Currently, the existence of an Android device has become a basic need that almost everyone has. With this device, people can use it for various needs.

Starting from communication, work facilities, education, and much more. Just like other devices, Android also comes with the specifications and components that are in the cellphone.

Actually to find out this information is not difficult. Usually when you open and see the home screen, the version of the Android phone is already visible.

This is because every device, especially flagship, always has an updated version of Android on top. But for those of you who are still confused, don’t panic to find out.

Because, now there are many ways to check the Android version that you can do without any hassle. This method is quite easy, even without the need for application or customer service assistance.

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How to check the Android version to keep it updated

The use of Android phones that are increasingly in demand makes various smartphone companies continue to make changes. Even the latest innovations that they do to meet consumer needs.

Every year, the Android version undergoes changes that are always different. Every smartphone released in the market has the latest version of Android.

As for Android devices that have been circulating for more than 1 year,

usually use the older version of the model. For that, for those of you who already have an old model smartphone, you should check the Android version.

This is so that you can still do the latest updates. owner companies usually provide system update notifications on a regular basis.

However, for those of you who own old smartphones, it’s a good idea to always update so you don’t miss it. This method is quite important, because updating the Android version regularly can fix bugs.

s are getting the latest features that you won’t find on older Android devices. Before updating, you need to know how to check it.

Actually the way to find out the Android version is enough to search on Google.

But there’s still another way you can do it even easier. Without using internet quota, you can already know the Android version.

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Tutorial Viewing Android Version Without Internet Quota

Once you know how to check the Android version live to see it.

Here are some easy steps you can take to see the Android version, namely:

  1. Open Android settings menu
  2. Scroll down to find about device
  3. Click “about device”
  4. From here you will see some information about Android devices. Starting from the kernel version, model number, Android version, device name, and other information. If what you are looking for is the version, then you can look in the Android version column
  5. When you click on the version column will appear the information you want. But there are still many people who do not understand the meaning of the Android version of numbers. Whereas the way to find out is simply by clicking on the Android version column as quickly and as much as possible.
  6. If you are successful, the logo of the Android version of the device will appear. However, if the logo does not appear, it indicates that it is still not fast enough to click on it. The knocking speed you have to do is the same as you knock on the door in a hurry. Use this method until it works.

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How to Update the Latest Version of Android

In addition to using the Android version check method, you can also change it to the latest version. This method you can do to get an operating system that is not old school.

The way you can do that is to open the settings menu. Then go to the system menu > advanced > system update. By following these steps you just have to wait for the process to complete.

Currently, some smartphones can restart automatically after updating the new Android version installed. As we know, there are now quite a lot of types or versions of Android phones.

But the most users are the Android operating system on cellphones. Android has a relatively cheap price, but the specifications vary.

You can also use the method of checking the Android version to be able to update. So that the operating system will not be left behind with the latest version of Android.


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