How to Check Motor Matic V Belt, Pay Attention to Driving Safety!


We can learn how to check the automatic v belt of the motorbike and work around it so that there are no unpleasant incidents when driving. This one component is very important for motor performance.

Therefore, if you are currently using an automatic type of vehicle, don’t forget to pay attention to it.

This component is not only found in two-wheeled vehicles, even cars also use it.

Besides, we can keep it for a long time and guarantee its quality. Of course the more precise in our care, will be able to get resistance in the longer term.

So things like this will influence each other. Therefore, if you do not realize how important this component is, we will discuss it further in detail.

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How to check the V Belt Motor Matic, pay attention to the following

Those of you who use an automatic motorbike must know this. At least when there is damage, we have provisions and references about what is actually happening to the vehicle.

Make sure if this happens, you immediately check with a trusted repair shop.

Listed Mileage

First, the easiest and most reliable way is to pay attention to the mileage listed on the speedometer.

Usually on the vehicle there will be a distance that states how far we have taken it to drive here and there.

Therefore, you need to pay attention to the distance traveled in a certain time depending on the usage. Usually within a distance of at least 15 thousand km we must immediately replace this component.

If you use your vehicle for long distances and in a fairly intense time, you need to pay attention. The reason is, usually when it reaches multiples of 15,000 km, this component will give a sign.

This component will have cracks that are not as usual. Of course, things like this would be better if we made the simplest way to check the v belt of a motor matic.

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Feel the Pull of the Motor Matic

Furthermore, we can pay attention and feel when we are driving it. Is it true that the pull of the motor is still safe or does it even look not primed anymore.

Usually it will be felt that the motor pull looks not strong and not as usual. Performance drops like this will have an impact when we take it to difficult terrain.

Of course it will make the trip unsafe. Acceleration on the motor will feel quite ngoyo and not comfortable at all.

When something goes wrong like this, it’s clear that the vehicle is not at its usual optimal condition. Therefore, do not let you miss a feature like this so you forget to replace the v belt.

How to check the v belt of an automatic motorbike with this is quite easy. Don’t mistake your motorcycle’s performance for long-distance and long-term use.

Check the Physical Condition of the V Belt

No less easy than some of the other features earlier. We can try to pay attention to the physical condition of this one component.

Because basically this part has a cracked condition, when it no longer functions as usual.

Therefore, you should not miss important things like this so that you can recognize the characteristics of a v belt whose function is no longer optimal.

When it is cracked, this can be ascertained if we need to replace it immediately. If something like this happens to your vehicle, then immediately take it to a repair shop and ask for a replacement.

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Try Bend and Watch

The way to check the automatic motor v belt that you can try next is to bend the section. If it still looks good physically but there are signs on the acceleration section, then you can replace it.

Just bend the part and look carefully. If there are cracks or signs showing that the condition is deteriorating, it means that it is indeed necessary to replace it with new spare parts.

How to check the v belt of this automatic motorbike is quite easy. Therefore you need to do it yourself when the special features appear. So that later there will be no dangerous cases when we take it for a ride, either near or far.


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