How to Change WA Fonts to Be Cool and Aesthetic, Apply This!


How to change the WA font to be more unique and stylish makes chat more exciting and fun. Now it’s easy to create attractive fonts. Given that the WhatsApp application continues to provide the latest innovations to support the convenience of its users.

Even so, there are still many who don’t know how to create chat messages with varied letters and text customization. Basically users can create without an application or with the help of an application.

Here’s How to Easily Change the WA Android Font

There are two steps you can use to make your chat more lively and interesting. Check out the following steps.

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Changing WA Fonts with Applications

The first way to change the font type can be done with additional applications. You can get it through the playstore. Starting from the Stylish text application, Text art, iFont, Stylish Fonts, and better Fonts. To use it, simply download and install the application of your choice.

When you have installed it, then just enter the application and type text in the fields provided. The page shows a variety of font choices. Choose the type of font that you think is interesting and unique, then set the font color, outline, background, and more.

Adjust and modify according to taste then save and share via whatsapp. Interestingly with this application you can find tens to hundreds of interesting font shapes.

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Using Reverse Text

The contemporary style that is often used is inverted text. Replacing the text must use additional applications in the form of upside down or flip text. The trick is to download the latest flip text and type in the text at the top of the column.

Meanwhile, to flip the text, you can simply type flip until a reverse text appears in the bottom column. Copy the text and click copy. You can pin it on the WA chat then send. Then your friend will receive the reverse writing.

Changing WA Font Format Without Application

Alternatively, the user can change the font without any additional applications. How to change the WA font that you can apply is as follows.

Italic Fonts

Italic or Italic writing model is useful for marking important words conveyed via WhatsApp. This can be done manually. Users can add an underscore (_) to compress words or sentences. For example _try_.

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Bold Fonts

Similar to the Italic font, this Bold font model allows users to send chats in bold type. The trick is to simply write the word by squeezing the sentence with

. For example *try*.

Strikethrough Fonts

If you want to style like a lecturer in revising your thesis with scribbles, then this style is suitable for you. To add a strikethrough text message, use the tilde sign (~). Add it to the front and back of the text before you send it. When the word you insert is sent, it changes to strikethrough style. How to change the WA font you can apply easily.


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