How to Change TikTok Password Easily, Keep Account Security!


You can change your TikTok password regularly. TikTok is a Chinese social network and music video platform which officially launched in September 2016.

This app allows its users to create their own short music videos. Most users use a password that is easy for them to remember as their TikTok account password.

In this case, it is likely that several social media accounts also use the same password. Therefore, the users should be more vigilant and start securing their TikTok account.

How to Change TikTok Password Safely

Account security is a top priority that must be considered by social media users. This is no exception on the social media TikTok.

The reason is, nowadays accounts are often hacked due to the use of too weak a password.

To avoid this, you must create a stronger and more complex password. This will increase the security of your TikTok account so that it will not be easily hacked by irresponsible parties.

The way to secure your TikTok account from people is to change your password more securely.

TikTok Password Change Terms

Before discussing how to change TikTok account password, it is important for you to know the conditions that users must apply in the password change process.

This is because the user is required to enter a verification code or OTP before changing the password.

The first important requirement is that the cellphone number has been registered on the TikTok application. Furthermore, a smooth internet connection.

If these two requirements have been met, then the process of changing the TikTok password can be done easily.

How to Change TikTok Password Periodically

As a TikTok application user, it is very important to be more vigilant and start securing your TikTok account.

Here’s how to change your TikTok password for account security, including:

  1. The first step, open the TikTok application on your device
  2. Then select Profile at the bottom right of your TikTok apk
  3. Then select the 3-line icon at the top right
  4. Next tap Settings and Privacy
  5. The next step on the Settings and Privacy menu, tap Manage Account
  6. The next way to change TikTok password is to select Password
  7. Later you will be asked to enter a Verification Code or OTP which Tiktok will send via SMS
  8. Then enter the 6-digit Verification Code into the provided column
  9. Then enter your old password in the column provided
  10. Then enter the new password and enter the new password in the retype column, the next step will be to verify the new password. Then select save
  11. The TikTok password change process is complete and your TikTok password has been changed.

By following this method of changing TikTok passwords regularly, users will avoid account problems. Account security is also guaranteed.


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