How to Change the Clock on Android with Two Tricks, Check Out the Explanation!


It’s important for you to know how to change the clock on Android, given that the clock is a time marker that has many benefits. Each user will usually also be busy checking the time when they have no work.

Every Android device that we use, whether it’s our own or someone else’s, there will certainly be differences from time to time. Because there are some users who change the time manually and some even change it automatically. So what’s the difference?

The Easiest Way to Change the Clock on Android with the Following Trick!

Besides being useful as a communication tool, smartphone devices, especially Android, now have many interesting features that are no less important. Call it the date and time feature, which is an important feature on a smartphone.

How important is it? The reason is that this happens because a number of applications on require users to set the date & time correctly so that no errors occur.

This feature is usually also automatically adjusted to the time zone of the network in your location. However, sometimes there are several types of cellphones that need to reset the date and time.

Given that with a clock feature like this, it will make it easier for users to see the time on their cellphones. Then how to set it? How many steps are there?

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About Changing Time on Mobile

Before going any further on how to change the clock on Android you need to know how important this feature is. If in the past the cellphone needed to be set manually, in recent years, the time on the cellphone has been able to automatically adjust.

However, there are reasons for Android users to change the time on their cellphones, whether it’s because of an error clock, wanting to edit the time until the connection is lost. Basically, it’s very easy for us to set the time on our cellphone, whether it’s a new cellphone or an old cellphone.

One way is to access the Settings menu, and this is just as easy when we are going to check how the battery is doing. However, if you don’t know how to change it, then there’s no need to worry and be confused.

Because there are several easy ways that you can do without worrying. There will be two ways to set the clock, either manually or automatically.

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How to Set Manually

How to change the clock on Android for this manual trick is the right choice because there is no need to use other additional applications. So when using this trick, you will be given more options to choose the time zone that suits your location.

So you can fake the time and date through this one feature, which is to change it manually. Even all devices including Android can do the settings very easily.

The first step you can go to the Settings menu or Settings on the Android device, then select the Date and Time menu. If so, then select the “Don’t Activate” option in the Automatic Date and Time option.

Now to set the clock, all you have to do is select the “Time Settings” option then set the date and time as you wish. Done, now you have successfully applied the time and date manually.

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How to Change Automatically

The next way to change the clock on Android is automatically, and you can only do it when connected to an internet source. Because automatic features like this you can only do if there is a SIM card on the cellphone and it is connected to the network.

For most people, they may also experience problems like this, because should display the correct time when setting automatically. This is because it will be related to the SIM card and internet network only.

The solution is quite simple, first make sure that the SIM card you are using on your Android phone is still active. The second is to activate the internet data network to start time synchronization with Google servers. How easy enough?

However, if this solution does not work, then one of the best ways is to set it manually as before. Namely by choosing the right time zone according to your current location.

Some ways to change the clock on Android are actually very easy and don’t take very long. Now you can apply it if the time and date on your cellphone don’t match.


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