How to Buy Right Issue Shares Through Securities, Follow the Steps

Buying rights issue shares can be done easily. You can do this with the help of an app.

For investors, hearing the term right issue may be familiar.

However, for those who are new to the investment world, it is certainly foreign to their ears. A right issue can be carried out by a company or an authority for an old investor in ordering a share.

This condition often occurs in the investment world. So that helps make it easier for old investors to place orders in advance.

In the offer, the company will usually give the investor the right to buy new shares at a much cheaper price.

This happens according to a schedule that has been determined by the company. So how do you buy rights issue shares? Let’s look at the following explanation.

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Definition and How to Buy Right Issue Shares

In the investment world, there are many things that investors need to know. Including various conditions that are usually described by certain terms.

The many terms that exist in investment have their own meaning. For example, the term rights issue is often heard.

In the Indonesia Stock Exchange, a right issue is a form of increasing capital, which is paid up from the initial investment.

In this case, the company will offer investors the right to acquire new shares. If conditions like this, an investor deposits capital with a certain ratio.

In short, rights issue means the issuance of new shares. If an investor gets a rights issue, it indicates that more and more shares are circulating in the market.

If something like this happens, it is certain that the share price will decrease. Not only that, the company’s earnings per share will also decline due to stock dilution.

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Buying Right Issue Shares Through Securities

Now that you know the definition of a right issue, now you know how to buy shares of the right issue. Actually buying this stock can be through a securities online trading application.

It can also be through other channels that have securities. The following are the right steps that can help you in purchasing rights issue shares at Mandiri Sekuritas.

  1. The first step in purchasing is to send an email to [email protected] Write the instruction format for implementing the right issue in the subject column
  2. In the body column of the email, please write the customer, securities code, and number of executor in the sheet
  3. Instruction emails you receive before 12.00 will be processed the same day. However, if it is over 12.00, it will be processed the next day
  4. If you have done so, the securities authorities will reply to the email. Responses will come within 1×24 hours after receiving your email from the securities company
  5. If you do not receive an immediate response, you can contact the Mandiri Sekuritas Branch or Care Center 14032.

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The next way to buy right issue shares is to make sure you have enough funds to make a purchase. (R10/HR-Online)

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