How to Become a Successful Stock Broker with High Salaries

How to become a successful stockbroker is not difficult. But it’s good if you know what the stockbroker’s profession is. A stockbroker can also be called a broker.

This profession is still rarely found in Indonesia. Even though investment activities have increased every year. Then this stockbroker has a fairly important position.

Having a stock broker helps make it easier for traders, securities shareholders and issuers.

A broker will help make buying and selling activities easier, so a trader needs a broker.

Actually, how to become a successful stockbroker will give quite promising results.

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Get to know How to Become a Successful Stock Broker

Stock brokers or brokers are one of the professions that connect investors with securities. Brokers also have a role to provide important information for investors.

You could say that investors are clients of stock brokers. Brokers must provide the best service by explaining the various stages and investment processes.

The salary of a stockbroker is quite large. They just need to have a Securities Brokerage Representative (WPPE) certificate.

Brokers act as market participants in buying and selling transactions and as liaisons.
As for the ways that you can do as a broker, namely:

Participate in Stock Broker Competency Certificate

To become a successful stockbroker, of course, you have to go through several stages. In order to gain the trust of investors, becoming a broker must have the legality of shares.

A stockbroker needs a license from TICMI. This certificate exam is usually held in Indonesia approximately 3 times a year.

The organizer of the competency test is an official institution and the government has recognized it.

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Learn the World of Capital Market

Stockbroking activities cannot be separated from the capital market. So the way to become a successful stockbroker is to know and explore the world of capital markets.

With online training, you can gain knowledge on a par with students with economics graduates. You can add knowledge about the capital market through the investBro website.

Apart from that, you also need to gain knowledge through books, listening to prodcasts, or chatting with experts. So it is much easier to run the certification exam.

Have Sufficient Capital

In addition to an investor, a stockbroker must also have sufficient capital for investment. The capital is usually to prepare the capital market under certain conditions.

The nominal amount can be in accordance with investment company regulations and national regulations. The capital must also come from personal money as a way to become a successful stockbroker.

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Practicing Communication and Negotiation

Being a stock broker, of course, must be able to communicate and negotiate appropriately. This method is necessary when they are bargaining in buying and selling shares.

We recommend that you use the method of becoming a successful stockbroker in order to reap high profits. It’s good to follow the steps from the beginning. (R10/HR-Online)