Honda Releases CR-V Interior Images –

Honda released one interior image of the upcoming Honda CR-V 2023 car. – The image shows that the interior of this car is very similar to the minimalist dashboard of the current generation Honda Civic.

Just like Honda’s compact car, the next-generation compact crossover will get a honeycomb grille that spans the width of the dashboard.

The steering wheel, infotainment system (with physical volume knob), climate control, digital gauge cluster, gear lever, and switches and buttons next to the gear lever are all similar to those found on the Honda Civic as well. For comparison, below we provide two pictures of the cabin of the new CR-V and the cabin of the Honda Civic.

Indeed, the resemblance to the cabin of the Honda Civic does not get any bad reviews from fans of the Honda brand, as it can be said that the interior of the Honda Civic is one of the best in the car’s price range. Enthusiasts love the three-button control of the ultra-click HVAC system. In fact, perhaps because of this level of satisfaction with the cabin design, Honda is not only using this interior design in the upcoming HR-V Subcompact Crossover, but also in the new Acura Integra, both of which are Civic-based vehicles.

However, of course there are also some differences, such as the presence of an extra closing line at the top of the CR-V dashboard that curves above the gauge cluster. Then the shifter / cupholder area, door display, and door handles are also arranged differently. Then, because the CR-V is a car with a crossover model, of course the interior space will have a larger physical size than the Honda Civic.

From the images that have been circulating about the interior of the Honda CR-V, we can also find out about the features that will appear, such as a wireless charger, an audio system from Bose, and the emergence of several drive modes that may only be available on high trim models. Judging from the appearance of the gauge cluster on the left side, we can also assume that this CR-V car is a hybrid car with an all-wheel drive system.

More complete information about the CR-V car is scheduled to be released on July 12. So of course Honda is trying not to give too many details about the 2023 CRV, so that fans who have been waiting for this car will be even more surprised next month.

Source : Autos.ID

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