Harley Davidson LiveWire Del Mar Limited Edition, Price IDR 257 Million


Harley Davidson LiveWire Del Mar is the latest motorcycle which is a limited product.

Well-known motorcycle company, Harley Davidson has just launched their latest motorcycle. Unlike usual, this time the motor uses electric power.

More than that, LiveWire Del Mar is a limited or unlimited product.

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Harley Davidson LiveWire Del Mar Electric Motorcycle Release

Harley Davidson launched their first electric vehicle under the name LiveWire Del Mar. Previously, this bike has been introduced by Harley Davidson since three years ago.

After waiting for quite a long time, finally the LiveWire Del Mar electric motorbike officially presents the latest version.

The name LiveWire itself is a subsidiary that specializes in presenting electric motorcycles under the auspices of Harley Davidson.

Now it looks like LiveWire is ready to expand their company portfolio with new models inspired by ‘flat-track’ motorcycles.

LiveWire has finally revealed the Del Mar which is an electric motor. The advantage of this motorbike is that it is lighter so it is suitable for driving offroad.

This electric motorcycle is the first Harley model from the EV brand to use the S2 Arrow platform. The S2 Arrow platform itself is a modular platform built specifically for Harley Davidson’s LiveWire motorcycles.

The presence of this platform brings battery packs, electric motors, charging, and control systems that have been developed locally.

In addition, the S2 Arrow platform also has a fully integrated chassis and powertrain with a power of up to 80 .

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Bringing Exclusive Look

As the newest electric motorcycle, the Harley Davidson LiveWire Del Mar in has an exclusive look.

LiveWire Del Mar comes with a color finish Jasper Grey or Comet Indigo very exclusive.

Harley Davidson claims that this has undergone a direct painting process by hand and graphics, which takes 5 days to complete.

Not only that, LiveWire Del Mar also uses a unique wheel design, which is measuring 19.

When it comes to design, this motorbike seems to be specifically designed for urban riders. The features that LiveWire Del Mar brings include a trimmed flyscreen, a tapered tail, and also high-mounted motorcycle handlebars.

In terms of engines, this new electric motorcycle comes with a powerful power-to-weight ratio that can accelerate from 0 to 96 km per hour in just 3.5 seconds.

Furthermore, Del Mar can accelerate at a maximum speed of up to 160 kilometers per hour.

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Available in Limited Quantity

In honor of their latest platform launch, LiveWire is limiting the number of these electric motors that come with custom colors and rims.

LiveWire named the model the Del Mar Launch Edition and only 100 units were available. Interestingly, 18 minutes after the launch this bike was sold out.

The price of the Harley Davidson LiveWire Del Mar is at a price of US $ 17,699 or around Rp. 257.6 million.


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