GOZCO Plantations Shares Drop Down Since the First Period of 2022

GOZCO Plantations shares continue to experience a fairly serious decline. This is due to several factors, including rising domestic cooking oil prices.

Such is the recent condition if the price of crude oil and kernel oil gets a policy from the government. The upward correction lasted quite a long time.

The government itself has made a decision in the midst of rising cooking oil prices at this time. The government’s policy to reopen palm oil export taps is a positive catalyst for GOZCO Plantations’ shares.

This condition also made the stock close to its highest position. Only 2 points away from the highest closing number. Figures show an increase of Rp. 230/unit from the previous Rp. 232/unit.

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GOZCO Plantations Shares Drop Again

After on May 20, 2022, GOZCO’s stock rose to its peak, now it has decreased. The stock dropped drastically after touching the close at Rp 230/unit.

The value of stock capacity in the market continues to erode. As a result, GOZCO’s stock continued to decline.

The market cap has shown a steady decline at 30.29% in the past month.

It’s just that so far this year, the stock price is still monitored to strengthen with a figure of 110.14%.

As a company in the palm oil industry, the global CPO price is also one of the factors that affect the share price of GOZCO Plantations.

In the last month, CPO was recorded to have weakened at 21.71% to MYR 4974/ton. In fact, for the last figure shown in April 2022, the price still reached MYR 7,100/ton.

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Stocks with Seasonal Characteristics

Actually, the decline in GOZCO’s share price is a common occurrence. This is because these stocks have seasonal or cyclical characteristics.

This indicates that the movement of the GOZCO Plantations stock has an effect on the condition of the commodity cycle. So you need to know whether you are experiencing a bust or boom phase.

During the boom, the stock increase is certainly natural because the price of the product sold has an impact on the issuer’s financial performance. In addition, it occurs when the cycle enters the bust period.

As happened in the first quarter, the price of CPO showed an uptrend phase in 2022. The existence of market conditions like this made GOZCO Plantations shares reap profits.

The issuer’s income was recorded to have improved until the end of March 2023. The profit it earned was Rp. 152 billion, about an increase of 12.6% from the same period the previous year, which was Rp. 135 billion.

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Meanwhile, if you look at the bottom line, GOZCO shares are able to provide a good opportunity after the losses they experienced. Profit from loss of Rp 41.3 billion to Rp 13.7 billion at the end of March 2022 yesterday.

Given the changes in the stock market, GOZCO proves that price movements are never stable. As already experienced by GOZCO Plantations shares, experienced a fairly serious decline since the first period of 2022. (R10/HR-Online)

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