GoTo Shares Reach IDR 400 Under Solid Leadership

GoTo shares penetrated Rp 400 per share. How about the company’s performance?

As has been reported, GoTo’s stock at the close of its first session strengthened to a level of Rp. 402 per share.

The stock rose 6.35%. The overall performance of the company cannot be separated from the key figures and founders. Where Kevin Aluwi is the Co-Founder and CEO of Gojek.

Based on the official news that appeared on June 9, 2022 yesterday, Kevin has an important role as a leader who is able to develop Gojek.

Until now, Gojek has a new service on demand at the forefront of today. So that GoTo’s shares penetrated Rp. 400.

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GoTo Shares Reach IDR 400 After Listing on IDX

The shares of PT GOTO Gojek Tokopedia after completing its initial listing on the IDX reached Rp 400 per share.

Thus, it means that the stock has increased by 18% from its initial price of Rp. 338 per share.

The company’s listing made the Composite Stock Price Index (JCI) rose 1%. The CEO of PT GoTo is proud of his success in making it a public company.

GOTO released as many as 46.7 billion shares with series A. This amount is the amount of funds that will be pocketed by GOTO reaching Rp. 15.8 trillion.

This also indicates if the initial public offering of shares or the largest initial public offering in Asia. Even being number 5 in the world throughout 2022.

The share price actually strengthened and penetrated the level of Rp. 400. The company is very proud of this, including the founder of PT GOTO Gojek Tokopedia Tbk.

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Kevin’s Role in Developing Gojek

The performance of GoTo’s shares is increasingly visible. Based on official information, there are figures who have played an important role in its success.

Kevin is the leader who developed Gojek so that it becomes a service on-demand front. Kevin is also the main driver who found Gojek’s business idea to be a strategic business today.

More than 2.6 million driver partners and 1 million Go Food merchants in the segment on-demand Gojek. During Gojek’s presence, Kevin pioneered data users for decision making and building the division’s technology application.

One of them is to create a matching system and allocation of driver partners with the engineering team in 2015. Effectively, the increase in GoTo shares of Rp. 400 is increasingly evident.

In addition, Kevin also led the launch of the Go Car Indonesia service, which is now the market leader in Indonesia. Even experiencing fairly rapid development in Singapore and Vietnam.

Gojek, led by experienced management, managed to score an improved performance with gross revenue of 58% in Q1 2022.

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With solid leadership, GoTo stock continues to implement a strategy to strengthen services on-demand. This way to create a service on-demand make Gojek play an important role in the GoTo Group.

Kevin’s role affected the company’s performance, so that GoTo was able to list GoTo as a public company on the Indonesia Stock Exchange until GoTo’s shares broke Rp 400 per share. (R10/HR-Online)

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