Fish Dream Meaning Turns out to be a Good Sign, Check Out the Explanation!


The dream meaning of fish definitely makes you curious when you dream about fish. Did the dream mean good or bad?

Dreams are indeed flowers of sleep, but besides that dreams are also a subconscious picture. Likewise with fish dreams.

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It could be that the dream does not have any meaning. But it could also be that dreams about fish are a symbol of what is happening to your subconscious.

Instead of being curious, take a peek at the following dream interpretations about fish:

Some Fish Dream Meanings

According to Javanese Primbon, dreaming of fish is a good sign. Especially when you dream that you are catching fish, it turns out that luck will come in your life.

Luck can be in the form of wealth or happiness in life. For more details, here are the various meanings of dreams related to fish:

Dream of Catching Fish in Clean Water

When you dream that you are catching fish in clean water, it has a very good and surprising meaning.

For those of you who are not married, if you dream of catching fish in clean water, then it is a sign that your soul mate will soon be seen. It’s not impossible that you will get married soon.

All the wedding journeys that will be experienced will run smoothly and without any problems at all. In addition, the meaning of this dream of fish also means that in the marriage you are living there will be happiness that awaits.

Dream of Catching Fish in Dirty Water

It is different from dreaming of catching fish in clean water which gives a positive message, then if you have a dream of catching fish in dirty water, on the contrary, it has a negative meaning.

The dream signifies that you will feel anxious about something. It could be that the dream also signifies your soul is experiencing a very deep sadness.

Dream of Catching Goldfish

Not many people know that keeping goldfish also brings good luck to some people. Similarly, when you dream of catching goldfish, it will give a very good and positive message.

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When dreaming of catching goldfish, it can be used as a sign that you will get unexpected happy news. Of course you also have to keep up with good behavior when you dream of catching goldfish

Dream of Catching Catfish

Just like the previous meaning of fish dreams, when dreaming of catching catfish will give a very good message and sign. When you have dreamed of catching fish, it has a connection with some positive things.

Even for the next few days, you will experience events that have a positive impact. Of course all these good things also have a relationship with everyday life.

Dream of Catching Cork Fish

When you dream of catching snakehead fish, it is a good sign and requires you to be more grateful.

In addition, when dreaming of snakehead fish, it is also often associated with the sustenance that you will get in the future.

It is true that the dream of catching this snakehead fish will provide a connection with some good things. Some of these good things will come to you shortly after dreaming of catching snakehead fish.

Dream of Catching Big Fish

The dream meaning of catching big fish is also very good. When you dream of catching big fish, it can also be a sign that the struggles you have been doing all this time will pay off, whether it be work or other things.

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In addition, when you dream of catching big fish is also a sign that you must be active in pursuing your dreams. Of course, when your dreams are being pursued to the fullest, the results will also be satisfying in the future.

Dream of Seeing Other People Catching Fish

When you dream of seeing other people catching fish, it has a very good meaning.

The dream means that you begin to feel balance in life, so that life feels more peaceful and happy. Even if you catch fish in someone else’s dream, the one who gets the benefit is yourself.

Those are some of the meanings of dreams about fish that you may experience while sleeping. You don’t need to worry if you dream about fish, because its meaning usually shows goodness in life. Don’t forget to pray before going to sleep. (R7HR-Online / Editor-In)


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