Draining the Motorcycle Tank, Check Out Some Ways and Know the Benefits!


Draining the motorcycle tank is very important for you to do, this is because in the tank it can also store some dirt.

What happens if the dirt accumulates more and more? Of course it will cause damage.

However, most motorcycle users still rarely drain it just because its position is difficult to see. If you are one of them then it is important to know how and know some of its benefits.

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Draining the Motorcycle Tank is Very Easy and Simple, Let’s Try it!

The fuel tank in a vehicle, such as a motorcycle, is always tightly closed, but that does not mean that it does not store dirt.

Even though the tank is only filled with fuel, it is also impossible if no dirt or water gets inside.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong if you occasionally drain the motor tank. Because, the dew point of the fuel vapor that we let, it can corrode the tank.

If it is like that, it will make the tank leak and this is certainly very dangerous for you.

There will be many benefits that you can get when draining the tank. Then how?

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How to Drain

Draining the motor tank for the first step is to remove the fuel tank contained in the vehicle. The trick is to unscrew the fastening bolt on the tank on the motor frame.

Turn the tank faucet and remove the remaining fuel into the container until it is completely used up. Now, to check the remaining fuel, make sure that the tank is empty and by shaking the tank.

Tilt also right and left until the fuel drip runs out, then close the fuel outlet hole and fill the tank with fuel and then remove it again.

If it is then close and also shake the motor tank for a few moments.

If so, then open the outlet with the outlet position at the bottom. This is so that the dirt that settles around the outlet hole can come out easily.

Don’t forget to prepare a soft cloth and then insert the cloth into the float hole until the end of the cloth enters the tank.

Shake again if necessary, until the remaining fuel and other impurities are completely clean.

One of the benefits when you drain the tank is that it will avoid various kinds of problems, such as leaks and porous.

Not only that, a clean tank can reduce the risk of damage to the fuel pump.

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Given that this one component is very expensive, up to hundreds of thousands of rupiah. Well, instead of buying at an expensive price, it’s better if you just do maintenance by cleaning it.

Therefore, you can drain the motor tank regularly so that dirt does not accumulate which can cause leaks.


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