Considered Plagiarism, Audi Sues Nio, Chinese Automotive Brand –

The car from Nio, the ES6, is suspected of plagiarizing the design of several Audi cars such as the S6 and S8.

The development of the automotive industry in China in recent years has been much more developed. Although many think that Chinese manufacturers do not have original designs and often do plagiarism, it is undeniable that Chinese automotive brands have started to get attention. However, recently, one of the Chinese automotive manufacturers, Nio, was sued by one of the world’s major automotive brands, namely Audi.

It is suspected that one of the car products from Nio carried out design plagiarism and stole design ideas from Audi cars.

Audi S6

Considered Doing Plagiarism Design

As reported by Autoblog and Reuters on Sunday (19/6/2022), Audi has officially filed a lawsuit in the Munich court, Germany. In the lawsuit, Volkswagen-Audi said Chinese automaker Nio had stolen design ideas that had been created by Audi. The car from Nio that Audi considers plagiarizing is the Nio ES6 which is considered very similar to the Audi S6 and S8.

Nio itself is one of the premium brands from China that has started to rise in recent years. Even Nio itself has started to enter the European automotive market since May 2022. One of the countries that Nio is targeting is Norway by releasing a variety of electrified car products.

Considered Plagiarism, Chinese Automotive Brand Nio Sued by Audi

Audi S8

After Norway, Nio will try to enter several European countries such as Germany, Sweden, and Denmark before the end of 2022. In their country of origin, namely China, their car sales are also quite good by targeting a more premium target market which is equivalent to European premium brands.

For the European market itself, especially in Norway, Nio has launched the ES8 which marks the entry of the Nio brand into the European automotive market. Later Nio will also launch several other electrification products such as the Nio ET7.

Until this news was published, there was no complete and definite information regarding the details of this case. This is because both Nio and Audi are still closing the case. However, this case certainly caught the world’s attention because of the existence of Nio as a Chinese manufacturer who dared to target the premium market on the European continent.

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