Characteristics of Weak Motor Fuel Pump Buzz and Indicator Lights


You should know the characteristics of a weak fuel pump motor on an injection motor. This is because one component has a fairly important role. The fuel pump on a motorcycle has a vital role.

This is because these components play a role in distributing gasoline according to its portion to the injector. Not only that, the fuel pump also has a role to keep the pressure of the gasoline high.

Because its performance is quite important, components must be maintained. Because over time all components on a motorcycle also have their respective lifetimes.

It even requires regular maintenance and replacement. This can also happen to the fuel pump components. This one component can weaken and cause gasoline pressure to become weak.

If something like this happens, gasoline cannot be distributed optimally. Combustion in the fuel chamber cannot take place optimally.

So that it affects the performance of the motor when driving. It is for this reason why you need to know what are the characteristics of a weak fuel pump motor. By knowing it, it will be easier for you to deal with it.

Motorcycle performance can function optimally. It even helps you be safer and more comfortable while driving.

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What are the Characteristics of a Weak Motor Fuel Pump?

Motorcycles are one of the most popular means of transportation because they are practical. In addition, motorcycle maintenance is also quite easy.

Just like today’s motorcycles already have an injection system to supply fuel. The motorcycle injection system requires a component called a fuel pump.

The fuel pump can be damaged due to several factors. Starting from the age and bad habit of leaving the tank empty without fuel.

In fact, if these components are in good condition, they can usually last up to approximately 5 years. This means that to keep the components in good condition, always fill the gas tank so it doesn’t get empty.

In contrast to motorcycles that use a carburetor system. If there is damage due to the fuel pump, there are usually signs or characteristics that you can feel.

Here are some things that can give a sign if the fuel pump has a problem.

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Low Buzzing Sound

One of the characteristics of a weak motor fuel pump is the sound of a motorcycle hum which is getting slower. If conditions like this arise, you should immediately be alert because the buzzing sounds weaker than usual.

When this condition occurs, it is better to deal with it immediately. You can do this by taking it to the nearest repair shop to make sure it is in good condition.

Do not be late and the fuel pump may not function optimally. If not resolved immediately, this problem could lead to new problems.

Motor Difficult to Start

One of the characteristics of a weak motor fuel pump is that the motorcycle is difficult to start. To be able to make sure the fuel pump can work again, you can listen to the hum from the gas tank.

If you’ve entered the ON state on the motorcycle, but you don’t hear a buzzing sound, it’s a sign that the fuel pump is weak. When the component is still in good condition, a loud hum is heard after the ignition is ON.

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Flashing Indicator Light

When the indicator light flashes, it can also be an indication if there is a problem component. One of them is the fuel pump component.

When this condition occurs, the symptoms are usually in the form of a Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) on the instrument panel flashing. The MIL lamp is an indicator that detects a malfunction in the injection system.

This MIL light is on the orange speedometer section. If there is a problem with the sensor or injection system, the MIL light will turn on and flash.

The lamp will turn off automatically when a malfunction occurs. If the light flashes and there are other signs of damage, it can be ascertained if the fuel pump needs to be replaced.

The replacement is quite easy, you don’t even need to take it to the repair shop, because you can do it yourself without any hassle.

Actually, there are still many symptoms that appear if the motorcycle is damaged. It’s just that the indicators of the occurrence of these problems are different.

As well as the characteristics of a weak fuel pump motor that you can feel directly. So that will help you more easily to deal with it.


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