Causes of Hepatitis that You Must Know


You need to know the causes of hepatitis early on. Because, to anticipate ourselves so as not to be attacked by this infectious disease.

Recently, there have been rumors that acute hepatitis is sweeping the world, including Indonesia. In fact, three children have been infected with this disease and died.

Therefore, it is very important to know various things about this mysterious disease, including knowing the cause.

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Causes of Acute Hepatitis that You Need to Be aware of

Hepatitis is a health problem in the form of inflammation that occurs in the liver or liver.

Hepatitis is also caused by a viral infection. Thus, the disease is easily contagious.

The liver is a digestive organ that has a very important role in the body’s metabolic processes.

Viral infection of this disease can lead to impaired liver function. Thus, the digestive process and the process of filtering toxins or harmful substances in the body can be hampered.

You need to be aware of the following causes of hepatitis to prevent infection with this disease.

1. Alcohol and Various Toxins

Consuming alcohol is not very good for health. In fact, excessive consumption can cause liver damage and inflammation.

This is known as alcoholic hepatitis.

Alcohol that enters the body will directly injure the cells in your liver. So, over time it can cause permanent damage.

Permanently damaged liver cells can cause serious disorders such as liver failure and cirrhosis.

Not only that, damaged liver cells can also cause thickening and scarring of the liver.

Not only alcohol, the cause of hepatitis can also be due to drug overdose and exposure to toxins. For that, as much as possible you can avoid alcohol and toxic substances.

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2. Transmission occurs through water and food

Hepatitis A can be caused by the person consuming food or water that has been infected with the HAV or hepatitis A virus.

Transmission of this virus can also occur through anal to oral contact during sex.

In addition, transmission of this virus can also occur when injecting drugs.

3. Direct Contact with Body Fluids

Direct contact with human body fluids can also be a cause of infection with hepatitis, one of which is hepatitis B.

This virus can spread because of contact with blood that has been infected by sperm and some other body fluids. This can also lead to sexually transmitted diseases.

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4. Infection

The cause of hepatitis can also be due to an infection in the body. Hepatitis C or HCV is mostly due to a percutaneous infection.

This can happen when the HCV virus is under the skin.

In general, the disease will be spread through injection drug use or needlestick injuries. In addition, this virus can also occur because someone does not control infection in health checks.

You need to know the various causes of hepatitis. So, as much as possible you can avoid the things that trigger the onset of this disease.


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