Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is Still Under Development – Call of Duty: Warzone mobile is a large-scale game that will make the experience of playing by bringing more modern technology.

As we know, the most popular franchise, Activision, continues to innovate in developing its COD.

So, don’t be surprised if the most popular franchise will now bring the battle royale game to their mobile.

This is as leaked by the XDA developer, which is attached to a screenshot from Activison’s website.

Game Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile Latest Version

It seems that Activation already has plans of its own to bring its newest game, because it’s still under development.

Not only that, Activision apparently also leaked that the mobile version of COD Warzone will provide a large-scale experience.

However, if we look at the posts on his blog, it seems that the game is still in the development stage.

Through that post, Activision also opened advertisements about job vacancies and did not include a release date.

Meanwhile, the news about Activation which will bring Warzone to the mobile realm is a profitable strategy.

Because in the past, it brought Call of Duty mobile and managed to earn up to $1.5 billion since launching in 2019.

Recent Projects

Call of Duty: Warzone mobile is going to be the next project from Call of Duty, but specifically for the mobile version.

Because previously the developer has presented COD mobile games for the Android and iOS platforms.

Apparently COD: mobile also has some differences from the usual COD: Warzone played on PC or consoles.

What is clear is that the playing map is reportedly quite different.

Furthermore, the duration of the mobile version of the game also tends to be faster than Warzone.

Now, through this latest game, Activision will bring the experience of playing Warzone, especially on consoles, to the mobile platform in the near future.

Opening job vacancy?

From the COD Blog alert, they explained that Call of Duty: Warzone mobile is a game with a large scale.

In addition, the best gaming experience on mobile will also be built using more modern technology.

It seems that Activision will also increase them by looking for people who have high skills in creating games.

It seems like fans are passionate about the game and inspired to provide a higher quality gaming experience.

Of course, it’s quite interesting to see how the port version of Warzone mobile will be.

However, the gameplay and graphics will also be different from the current console and PC versions.

This is because of the limitations of the mobile capabilities.

Unfortunately, until now there is also no certainty about the release date of the battle royale game Call of Duty: Warzone mobile.

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