Bosch Introduces Machines With Hydrogen Technology, Can Be Applied To Automotive Manufacturers –

Later the hydrogen engine developed by Bosch can be used for car engines as an alternative to conventional engines with hydrogen fuel which is more environmentally friendly.

The current world automotive trend has begun to experience a technological shift from internal combustion engines to electric engines that are more environmentally friendly. But an electronics company and aftermarket from Germany, Bosch launched a hydrogen engine technology that can actually be used for car use.

The presence of this hydrogen engine is a solution from Bosch for the use of car fuel that is more environmentally friendly.

Investment in Eco-friendly Fuel Technology

As reported by Visordown, Bosch said that investing in the development of a hydrogen engine was the answer to replacing conventional fuel. Bosch said the hydrogen engine they created could be used for the use of several types of vehicles such as cars.

By introducing this hydrogen engine, Bosch will be the next company to be involved in hydrogen development. Previously there had been Toyota on four wheels and Yamaha and Kawasaki on two wheels which had developed the hydrogen engine technology.

Interestingly, for this Bosch bauta hydrogen engine, there is no need for a Lithium-Ion battery. Then instead, Bosch uses hydrogen cells that function to run this hydrogen engine. This means that by replacing Lithium-Ion batteries with hydrogen cells, the vehicle can travel farther but still maintain its environmental friendliness.

Bosch Introduces Machine With Hydrogen Technology, Can Be Used For Automotive Manufacturers

To support the development of this hydrogen engine, Bosch will build approximately 4,000 hydrogen fueling stations globally. Besides being able to present hydrogen technology that is more environmentally friendly, the use of hydrogen energy is claimed to provide better renewable energy and can still support the electrification process.

Bosch said that this hydrogen system will be widely used for manufacturing operations and mobility of various kensi vehicles. “With the use of vehicles that use fuel cells that fill hydrogen fuel, it is hoped that this can be a solution other than the use of pure electric engines. In addition, the use of hydrogen technology has gone through a strict compression process from Bosch,” said Bosch in an official statement.

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