BMW M3 Touring Officially Becomes the Fastest Wagon Car at the Nurburgring Circuit –

The BMW M3 Touring doing a hot lap at the Nurburgring is prepared to be launched at the Goodyear Festival Of Speed ​​2022 event at the end of this June.

Recently one of the wagon cars based on performance cars, the BMW M3 Wagon has just broken the record as the fastest car around the Nurburgring Nordshleife Circuit, Germany. This car managed to record the fastest lap on this legendary circuit with a record time of 7 minutes, 35,060 seconds.

This fastest lap time record beat the previous record holder, the Mercedes0AMG E63 S Wagon by 10 seconds faster.

The Fastest Car To Be Launched Soon

The BMW M3 Wagon used for the hot laps at the Nurburgring Circuit has basically not been officially launched. The BMW M3 Wagon is planned to be officially launched at the Goodyear Festival Of Speed ​​2022 event on 23 June.

Even when doing the hot lap, this car is still covered with camouflage stickers on the exterior. Even so, the interior is also shown which is also given camouflage which is thought to use the latest BMW Dashbord Layout as in the X5 and X7 Facelift. And as a wagon, this car has a wider trunk.

In the video released by BMW M on their Youtube channel on Thursday (16/6/2022), this car can match several other cars. For example, compared to the BMW M4 CSL, this car is only about 15 seconds slower. Even compared to the Tesla Model S Plaid which holds the record for the fastest electric car at the Nurburgring, this car has almost a similar time record.

BMW M3 Touring Officially Becomes the Fastest Wagon Car on the Nurburgring Circuit

Basically, the BMW M3 Touring is still 1 base with the BMW M3 starting from the engine and drivetrain. Although BMW has not disclosed, this car still relies on a 3,000, 6-cylinder Twin-Turbo engine that has 503 hp and 650 Nm of torque. Especially for the Touring variant, it is only available in a choice of 8 speed automatic transmission from ZF with All-Wheel Drive X-Drive.

The plan is that the BMW M3 Touring will be produced in limited quantities, although the exact number is not yet known. Then BMW will not enter the M3 Touring into the United States market due to homologation of different body shapes and a much more expensive fee so it cannot be counted if it is charged to the overall selling price of the car.

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