Blue Tick Emoji Font TikTok Account Looks Cooler, Here’s How!


TikTok’s blue tick emoji font has been a hot topic of conversation in recent times. The blue tick icon found on social media is usually a sign or verified status.

This is usually only found on social media users with very large followers, one of which is TikTok.

For those of you who often use the blue tick emoji or the latest fonts in this application, then you can get it on your account. The more curious about this latest font, see the full review below.

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How to Make a Blue Tick Emoji Font TikTok

As we know that TikTok will not give blue tick logo on app user account easily.

However, all accounts in the TikTok app have the opportunity to get a blue tick.

Not just anyone can get the blue tick emoji font on his TikTok account. Only certain users can get this feature, such as famous figures who can blue tick.

In this case, there are many conditions or conditions that must be met for users who want a blue tick. This is as TikTok gives to a number of accounts that have a large number of followers.

Interestingly, currently users can get a blue tick by copying the TikTok blue tick emoji. For those of you who are increasingly curious and want to know how, you can see the full review below.

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About TikTok Blue Tick Emoji Font

TikTok is one of the most popular social media, and is even loved by many people today. This is proven by the increasing number of TikTok users.

TikTok users are not only ordinary people, but also many public figures who use this application. However, sometimes we encounter many fake accounts in the name of other people.

Therefore, to overcome the problem of fake accounts, TikTok presents a blue tick feature that provides information that the TikTok account is genuine and has been verified.

For those of you who have a TikTok account, and want your account to have the impression of an account with a blue tick, then you can use logo emoticons blue tick or font.

Furthermore, you can put this blue tick emoji or font at the end of your name by separating it using a space.

One of the advantages that you can get by using the blue tick is that you can increase the number of followers.

By using the TikTok blue tick emoji font, there will be several advantages that users will get.

These advantages include, the account will look cooler because only certain users can get the TikTok blue tick. In addition, with this feature you can do pranks or have fun with your friends.

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Check out the Steps to Get the Blue Tick Emoji Font

Here are the steps to get the blue tick emoji font for your TikTok profile including:

  1. The first step, please open the website
  2. Next, look for the “verified” logo through the search field
  3. Then several blue tick logos will appear, so please choose a logo that is similar to TikTok verified
  4. Then, please click Download to save the logo
  5. The next way to copy the TikTok blue tick emoji font is to go to
  6. Then type verified in the search bar and a blue tick emoji will appear.
  7. You can now select an emoji that looks similar to the original verified tag.
  8. Download in PNG format
  9. Enter emoji in to change format
  10. Now upload the previously downloaded emoji
  11. Furthermore, the emoji will appear on the keyboard on your device.
  12. The last step, please add a blue tick after your name is on your profile.

Using the blue tick emoji font will increase the trustworthiness of your account. In addition, the number of people who view your videos will increase even more.

If you are interested in increasing the number of followers, please edit the name on your TikTok account. Then put the TikTok blue tick emoji font at the end of your name.


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